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WoW Dance Battle System!

While I didn’t have much for April Fools Day, Blizzard is in with its usual over the top entries.

This year for World of Warcraft we have the Dance Battle System, complete with trailer!


In Europe they got a page on a Pimp My Mount system, sort of a barber shop for your mount.

Meanwhile in StarCraft II we have the Terra Tron.

And in Diablo III we have the announcement of the Archivist Class.


In these trying times when money is tight, we often turn to simpler pursuits to occupy our times, things that do not need a lot of special equipment or elaborate setup or configuration.  Things such as Cornhole!

Cornhole is surprisingly popular in the Mid-West states!

People often engage in Cornhole with close friends, though some choose to get the whole family involved!

While Cornhole can be managed with items found around your household, some do purchase specialized Cornohole equipment and accessories.

The governing body, the American Cornhole Association, is chartered to:

  • Promote and Grow – Spread Cornhole to all fifty states in the United States of America.
  • Educate and Inform – To educate friends and neighbors that are new to Cornhole and to provide a forum to share the latest Cornhole news and information
  • Standardize Cornhole – To establish and promote consensus for an official set of rules of Cornhole that can be used to standardize tournament play around the Country.
  • Recommend Cornhole Equipment Standards – To establish and promote consensus for equipment standards used in Cornhole tournament play around the country.
  • Ranking and Rating System – To establish a standard ranking and rating system to allow ACA members to compete with one another around the country based on statistical results of their Cornhole play.
  • Share Information – To provide a forum for Cornholers around the world to share ideas, information and stories.

You can find out all about Cornhole at the American Cornhole Association web site. (SFW)

Okay Beavis, you can stop laughing now.