WoW Dance Battle System!

While I didn’t have much for April Fools Day, Blizzard is in with its usual over the top entries.

This year for World of Warcraft we have the Dance Battle System, complete with trailer!


In Europe they got a page on a Pimp My Mount system, sort of a barber shop for your mount.

Meanwhile in StarCraft II we have the Terra Tron.

And in Diablo III we have the announcement of the Archivist Class.

16 thoughts on “WoW Dance Battle System!

  1. spinks

    OO, well spotted. I love the Diablo one, it even has animations showing the new class in action. Someone spent some time on that…


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  3. dorgol

    @spinks: Last year they did a similar treatment to the Tauren Marine for Starcraft II.

    Blizzard doesn’t do anything half-arsed, it seems.


  4. syncaine

    Hmmm but how is the Dance thing a joke, when it’s actually already in game, it’s just called raiding now…


  5. syncaine

    No no, lets fully embrace Dance Dance MMO, since everyone is doing it, and things that are successful are always good steps forward.

    Arguing on the side of the masses is such a difficult position.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    And arguing that the masses are messing up your particular view of the world over and over and over again is such a productive position! See how much your non-stop WoW hate has made things better!


  7. pitrelli

    Syncaine you have a cheek to call me a troll on your blog when I poke fun, however you are never far away from taking snipes at others or indeed WoW in general.


  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Syncaine’s WoW player hate knows no bounds and little logic. If WAR could not retain all those players who bought the box but did stick with the game, it has to be their fault and he’s going to keep complaining about them and their game until they admit it I guess.


  9. pitrelli

    Agreed Wilhelm which is a shame as I did find his blog a good read with good points until his anti WoW/Attacking WoW players became the dominant theme in each post, I must be too much of a carebear these days.


  10. syncaine

    So LotRO, TR, AoC, and WAR were not enough examples huh. When SWTOR gets the tourist effect, at that point will we admit to it? Or will we find “the quest log can’t be bound to L, back to WoW” reasons in that game too? This amazingly expanding MMO market seems to be only expanding with one title (and even that has since stopped), and yet it’s doing wonders to broaden the market eh?


  11. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I don’t even know what you’re arguing in favor of these days, you just spew hate against WoW and WoW players. It is easy… and frankly by this point lazy… to just blame all problems on all those carebear WoW players. Boo hoo, those carebears ruined my game.

    By your logic, you would think that AFTER seeing the WoW crowd come and go at those other games, Mythic might have had a plan for it. I mean, you claim it to be such an obvious fact. But they didn’t. They must have blown it by your logic. As usual though, you’re trying to have it both ways. No, it is the fault of the people who bought the game then decided it just wasn’t that much fun. Mythic is the victim here!

    If a company ships 1.2 million boxes, gets 750K people to opt in, and ends up with 300K subscribers, blaming the fact that the MAJORITY of players WALKED AWAY from the game on those players defies logic to me.

    Of course, maybe you’ll argue that Mythic wasn’t trying to recruit WoW players. Good luck with that.


  12. syncaine

    So LotRO, TR, and AoC made the same mistake? How do you propose Bioware deal with the problem, or will they solve the tourist issue outright?

    It’s not that Mythic or anyone else was trying to avoid WoW players, it’s that the majority of WoW players are not MMO players. That’s a tough message to pass on to the bean counters, but eventually it will get through (clearly AC got it, and they won’t be the last)

    The tired argument is that WoW is doing everything right in MMO land, and everyone else just can’t seem to get it. That’s tourist thinking, and is one of the main problems with them. I’m glad 11 million people are having fun in WoW, but since they won’t be around after WoW in the MMO genre, we don’t need them influencing the direction the genre is going in. It just leads to wasted dev time (WAR pre-patches). Soon enough they will move on to another pop hit, and they won’t be a problem. Until then, the plague remains.


  13. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    “So LotRO, TR, and AoC made the same mistake?

    Well, that’s what you said above. I took your word for it and wondered why Mythic didn’t seem to learn much from those launches.

    “How do you propose Bioware deal with the problem, or will they solve the tourist issue outright?”

    Well, I wouldn’t suggest they bother hating on WoW and WoW players constantly. So far that hasn’t seem to do much except make you look whiny in my opinion.

    I suppose I might suggest that BioWare concentrate on making sure their game is, you know, consistently fun or compelling You made your snide remark about my leaving WAR because I couldn’t map the “L” key to the quest log. That was an annoyance, but the reason our group stopped playing was we weren’t having fun and none of us felt really compelled to see much more of the world. There was nothing more complicated to it.

    And if you are accusing me of saying that WoW does everything right, I will call you a liar right now. WoW also does things that annoy me. Did you see my post last week about my machine locking up every time I try to move around in Dalaran? Do you think i consider that doing something right?

    But I still play WoW because I have fun playing it. Fun is worth a certain amount of technical aggravation. See day one EverQuest for an extreme example.

    As for the ongoing condescension that people who play WoW aren’t MMO players and that WoW players will jump on the next bandwagon soon enough, that keeps on sounding like so much sour grapes. You cannot tar all 11 million WoW players with that dismissive attitude, as you just did above and have done on past occasions, and expect me to agree.


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