Reunion in the Shadow Labyrinth

Finally on Saturday night we got the whole team back together for an instance run.  I thought perhaps we might make it out to Northrend, but it was felt that we should try a full team dress rehearsal since Earl wasn’t on board for last week’s fun in the Steamvault.

Fortunately, we still had some options in the Outlands.  The next on the list was the Shadow Labyrinth.

The crew for the event was:

72 Warlock – Bungholio
72 Priest – Skronk
72 Mage – Ula
72 Warrior – Earlthecat
73 Paladin – Vikund

After last week’s four person roll-over, I figured that perhaps this would not be a serious test of our skills.

And I was right.

We started off killing things so easily that we gave up on the usual crowd control methods and just AOE’d the crap out of every group of three or four… or five… that we came across.  This lead to some additional questionable tactics as we moved through the instance.  For example, when we arrived in the room with Ambassador Hellmaw, we just started smiting each “maypole” group in turn.

Electromagnetic Maypole Technology

Electromagnetic Maypole Technology

We did not consider that when the last group was down, it would release the Ambassador straight onto us.  Not that he was a big problem, but most times having a boss start in on you when you haven’t cleaned up from the past four fights can lead to a spank.

Blackheart the Inciter was a bit more interesting.  His “incite chaos” ability set the party fighting among itself.

We were able to bring him down fast enough that we only had to get through two bursts of fighting among ourselves, though in the second round there was a comic moment with Earl and Vikund both turning to beat down Bung’s voidwalker.  In the after action review, it turned out that Mezzmon the voidwalker received the most “friendly fire” in the group.

Grandmaster Vorpil was next on the list.

Vorpil in the Pulpit

Vorpil in the Pulpit

Again, a short and straightforward fight for us.  He summons voidwalkers throughout the fight.  We were able to pop them pretty readily, and so Vorpil went down in pretty short order.

Which brought us to the final boss, Murmur.

Murmur is a pretty impressive looking boss.  He is also huge.

When you get to his room, there is a battle going on between him and the Council of Shadow Management, and the council isn’t doing so well.

More Than A Murmur I Think

More Than A Murmur I Think

The council is, of course, arranged in nice little groups.  You approach each from behind and help Mumur knock them off.  Of course, when you kill them, they stay dead, but when Murmur zaps a group, they get replaced.

When we had disposed of the council, we saw that Murmur was down to 40% health.  The first thought was, “Cool!”

Then I figured that Blizzard could make the 100% number big enough that beating down that “last” 40% would mean as many hit points as any regular boss.  And I was right.

Murmur did actually give us pause.  We went after him and he kicked the crap out of us the first time around.  He has a couple of special boss attacks.  Another round of getting smacked about by his sonic boom attack led us to show more care.  The third time out, running away when his attack loomed, got us through the battle.


And, just to give a bit of scale, here we are at the victory shot standing under Murmur’s hammer.

A Sizable Weapon

A Sizable Weapon

Hopefully, despite some of the questionable tactics, this will have warmed us up enough as a group to head back into Northrend and Utgarde Keep.

9 thoughts on “Reunion in the Shadow Labyrinth

  1. Ess

    “Time for FUN!”

    I always liked Shadow Labs. I ran with some hellacious pugs in there (mostly on heroic), but somehow, I still smile when I think about those fights.

    Great to see your Saturday night crew running again. :)


  2. Darraxus

    At the beginning of BC, Shadowlabs was the worst SOB of an instance. Pre nerf, the mobs were hard as hell and there were a lot more of them. It took me many times to complete it the first time. That first time was a 4 hour 15 wipe marathon. It was just terrible. Be glad you never had to deal with that.


  3. Coubo

    SL heroic? hard?
    in PUG maybe… whenever there was a morron in the group who did not understand Vorpil yes, some guy unable to run out of sonic boom. I remember pretty epic moments where we had to heal the tank through sonic boom because the guy “could not see the raid warning”
    With people knowing what they were doing, it was walk in a park though…


  4. *vlad*

    Shadow Labs Heroic was a tough instance. Wipes in Blackheart’s room were common place. The Shadow Priests could kill you in a few seconds, and these groups required some serious cc and tactics.
    Even those ‘nice little groups’ you mentioned before Murmer were no pushovers.

    Those were the days.


  5. Cassini

    Shadow Labs was great fun! But don’t neglect the other TBC instances if you haven’t seen them. For example. Shattered Halls was the source of many fun times :)


  6. Jonna

    Never been to Shadow Labyrinth. I’m relatively new-school with instances, focusing on Wrath funkies rather than the Outlands ones, since… well, to be honest, my entire server is full of wankers. I don’t want to help them out. :D Shadow Lab does look neat and since I’m an Achievement ho, I want to go there. Sounds challenging.

    I want a Saturday crew too. :( But all my friends are lv60-70 and I’m level 80 so I’m stuck with PUGs from Hell with tanks who lose aggro to me – a mediocre Fury DPS. Bleh!


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