Swimming to Silvermoon

[Graveyard locations for Day of the Dead can be found here.  Google seems to be sending a lot of those queries to this post.]

My daughter had been browsing the web site Petopia, looking at all the different pets a hunter can tame in World of Warcraft.  Petopia is one of my favorite WoW sites.  It gives a great overview of the hunter class and has pictures and locations for all the pets you can tame in Azeroth and the Outlands.

My daughter decided that she wanted a dragonhawk pet.  While most dragonhawks are in the 60-70 level range in the Outlands, one version you can tame is low level and lives in the blood elf starting area.

I told my daughter, “No problem, we’ll go find one this weekend.”

Friday night rolled around and my daughter wanted to play a bit before bed time.  She wanted to start working on getting her new pet.  I told her it was a long trip to get to Eversong Woods, the Blood Elf starter area, but that we could make a start on the trip.  We flew out to the Wetlands then ran up to Refuge Point, picked up the flight path, then made our was west to South Shore.  We picked up the flight path there then camped at the inn and called it a night.

After she went to bed, I started thinking about getting to Eversong Woods.  I had been there with my level 73 paladin before to get the exploration achievement for there and the Ghostlands, but I had never tried to make the trip in with a low level alliance character.  While running through the Eastern Plaguelands was no big deal for my pally, a pair of level 26 night elves (hunter and druid) were likely going to be dead meat.

I needed a plan.

Looking at the map of the Eastern Kingdoms, it appears that you can go up the coastline from Trisfal Glades and come up on the beach in Eversong Woods.

So that was my plan.  Swim.

Saturday afternoon, after soccer and lunch, my daughter and I logged in for our trip.  We took the road west through Hillsbrad, up past Shadowfang Keep, and back east into Tirisfal Glades.  There we headed north to the coast and began our swim.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

We swam and swam and swam.

We found some interesting little sites, like a lone tower along the coast, accessible only via swimming.

Lone Coastal Tower

Lone Coastal Tower

But we never got to a point where we could get inland.  Since I have a blood elf of my own, I know that the west coast of their starting area has a number of accessible, if murloc infested, beaches.

I began to think we weren’t going to find any of those beaches, especially since the map showed us swimming through land after a while.

The Map is a Lie

The Map is a Lie

A little bit of logic applied to the problem clinched it for me.  Since only people with the Burning Crusade expansion are supposed to get there, I figured that the ocean route was bogus and that the portal in the Eastern Plaguelands might be the only way in.

Still, we had swam a long way and I did not want to swim back, so I thought I would see if we could tele-mort into Eversong Woods.  As we swam along the coast we showed as being in Quel’Thalas, which is where Eversong Woods is located.  So, in the name of science and scouting ahead, I drowned myself hoping to come up in a graveyard close to our destination.

Instead I ended up as a wisp in the Eastern Plaguelands.


I thought that, since I was there already, I might as well scout around as a wisp.  So I started looking around to see if there was a way we might sneak past the level 50-ish mobs and get to the portal to the Ghostlands, the low level zone between the Eastern Plaguelands and Eversong Woods.

As I scouted around in wisp form, I happened past another graveyard and realized that I could see the spirit healer there.  I went up to it and was offered a resurrection when I clicked on it.  I did not know this was possible, but it got me to formulate another plan.

I had my daughter drown her character as well, then we joined up in wisp form.  We then flew to the portal to the Ghostlands.  The portal let us through in wisp form, something I was not sure it would allow.

Wisps in the Ghostlands

Wisps in the Ghostlands

Then we just headed north into Eversong Woods, found a spirit healer, and revived.

We sat around for the 10 minutes of resurrection sickness, since I was being cautious at that point.  We were so close to our goal.

Dancing Away Ressurection Sickness

Dancing Away Resurrection Sickness

After that we found some dragonhawks, one of which my daughter tamed.

She named it Flare, since it breathes fire like a solar flare.  Mission accomplished!

Flare the Dragonhawk

Flare the Dragonhawk

We used our hearthstones to get back home and that was that.

Later on I read that if you resurrect at a graveyard other than the one you were sent to when you died, you are supposed to be sent back to that initial graveyard.  But for some reason that did not happen to us.  I do not know if it was because of the detached nature of the blood elf starting area, the fact that it is a starter zone, or if the resurrection mechanism is just broken, but we ended up where we needed to be.

And so my daughter has her pet, and a pretty rare pet indeed for an alliance player at her level.

And then my mom showed up with a tiger from Durotar and my daughter had to have one of those.


8 thoughts on “Swimming to Silvermoon

  1. Darraxus

    girls…..it doesnt matter what the age, if they want it, they HAVE to have it. My fiance got the black battle strider mount from BGs….and exalted with Gnomer….the pain.


  2. Morinar

    That is a long standing trick…i.e. change “zones” while as a spirit and spirit res on the other side. The whole blood elf areas are considered a different zone (I think even part of Outland) as are the draenai areas. This trick works in other places too…when in my teens, I wanted to get to Booty Bay to buy the fishing book. I ran through Duskwood okay, but died in Stranglethorn Vale very quickly. I then spirit ran all the way to Booty Bay, took the boat to Ratchet and spirit res-ed there. I then took the boat back to Booty Bay and bought my book. Definitely a nice trick.


  3. Morane

    The not-rezing-at-the-right-graveyard thing is a known ‘exploit’ that I’ve used once before as well. Apparently when you switch between continents the server/client loses track of which graveyard you are supposed to rez at. I presume that the Ghostlands/Eversong woods area is considered separate from the main Eastern Kingdoms area.

    I used the same trick to tame a ravager pet from bloodmyst on my orc hunter. Die near Auberdine, hop on the boat for Azuremyst as a ghost and then rez at the nearest graveyard.

    I hope you remembered to take off all your armor and unequip your weapons before drowning!


  4. Changling Bob

    I picked up the lynx from the starting zone on my nelf hunter, only I ran. From the Wetlands, up through Arathi, along the river to Western Plagues, across to the Eastern Plagues, and then promptly died about 16 times before finally getting through the portal.


  5. Dink

    I went and got the red lynx at level 10 on my night elf hunter.

    My goal was to spirit run all the way to Ghostlands. I knew you could get through the portal in spirit form. I died in Arathi Highlands during the live run and tried to spirit run to Southshore. I was summarily warped back to the Arathi Highlands graveyard.

    The solution to continue the exploit is to log out at the new graveyard before you spirit rez.

    Still get asked almost everyday. “Where did you get that pet?”


  6. *vlad*

    Water-walking potions are very useful for runnng round the coast. I’m not sure at what level they start at.
    A friendly Shaman can also give you a water-walking buff.


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