Rocket Science

A while back I started in on the long skill path to get to tech II heavy missile launchers for my alt.  And as I was setting that up, I thought that perhaps I ought to start working on making some tech II missiles to go with them.

If you’re going to mount tech II launchers, you might as well be shooting the best ammo out of them.

Fortunately it was going to be some time before my alt was ready for those missiles.  I had time to plan.

Nothing like this is ever quick in EVE Online.

This was going to be another foray into invention, and unlike some of my past ventures, I wanted to keep this light on the wallet.

I already had original blueprints (BPOs) for the four heavy missile types as well as their cruise missile variants.  All of them had material research done on them previously, so I was setup in that regard.  It was time to make copies.

You can only do invention on a copy of a BPO, called a BPC.  The queue for doing copying can be quite long.  I counted myself lucky that I found a system not too far off from my home base with a facility where the queue was only 14 days.

So the copies once the copies were in the oven it was time to start looking into datacores.  You need datacores, usually two types in my limited experience, for an invention job.

One of the datacore types, Electronic Engineering, I already had coming in from an R&D agent to use in the creation of tech II mining crystals.

The second datacore type, Rocket Science, was new to me.  I had to find an R&D agent that was within a reasonable distance with whom I had enough standing to start in on research with.  I used EVE Online Agent Finder to locate some likely suspects.

I actually found a level II agent with whom I had enough standing pretty easily.  The nice thing about having done enough missions to get 8+ standing with three Amarr coprorations is that I have run enough storyline missions to have my base standings with all Amarr corporations bumped up quite a bit.  I had never done anything for this corporation but I was already eligible for a level II R&D agent.

However, I saw that if I did a little bit of mission running with the corp, I could raise my standing enough to get a much better level III R&D agent working for me.

I went that route because I wanted the better agent, and thus more datacores per day, and because I had some time before I could start doing any Rocket Science research.  First I had to go buy the skill Rocket Science (that will be 10 million ISK please) and train it up to level III to use the agent.

Plus I had to go free up a research agent slot.  I have the skills to have five R&D agents working for me, so one had to go if I was going to pick up Rocket Science.  I had started research on Mechanical Engineering for some past plan that never came to fruition and had just been harvesting and selling the datacores for a tidy profit.

I made a note to go collect my final datacores from that agent and cancel the research while I ran a few missions.

Again, fortune favors the silly and I was cleared for missions with a level III agent with the very corporation with which I needed standing.  Membership has its privileges… or something.

So I was able to run some missions and get my faction up, break things off with my old R&D agent, and take up with a new one offering me Rocket Science datacores.

And then I waited for copying to finish, to get a couple more skills up to snuff, and to get a supply of Rocket Science. datacores

Finally, the day came.  I had some datacores.  The copies were done.  My skills were primed.  It was time to invent.

And for once I got a hit on my first shot.

Widowmaker Fury Missiles

Widowmaker Fury Missiles

The limited number of runs seemed a bit disappointing to me until I looked at the new blueprint.  Unlike regular missile blueprints, which only turn out 100 missiles per run, the tech II versions turn out 5,000 missiles per run.  A six run blueprint like this can make 30,000 missiles.

So then I had to start making the missiles.

I was a bit worried at how much the missiles would cost to make.

Yes, they required some exotic materials like Phenolic Composites, Plasma Pulse Generators, and Rocket Fuel, the origins of which are a mystery to me, as well as morphite, megacyte, zydrine, nocxium and a good pile of tritanium.  All of those combined add up to a production cost of about 140 ISK per missile.  At that price I can afford to shoot them or make some money selling them.

I have started producing the fury version of the four basic heavy missiles, Widowmakers, Thunderbolts, Havocs, and Scourges.  They seem to work well and the sell well.

The precision version of the missiles I am less sure about.  I have made a few blueprints, but my tests with them against smaller ships didn’t seem to show them as dramatically better than standard heavy missiles, which run about 20 ISK each to make.  That and the market for them, the sell price around my area is about my cost to make, discourages me from doing much else with them.

The blueprint copies for the cruise missile versions should be ready soon and I can look into making a few of those as well.

9 thoughts on “Rocket Science

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, I think there is something to be said for energy weapons, coherent light, and large projectiles. Things that go boom… things that go boom!


  2. Karox Lominax

    Couple of little bits to make you aware of if you want to expand a bit more – firstly, your global amarr standing wont really matter if you find an R&D agent in a corp you havent worked with before, as each person who wants to use an R&D agent needs enough standing to that corp to a value of 2.0 less than what would be required to access the agent if you want to use them for R&D (as R&D agents dont affect your standing, it was possible with enough forward planning to have a full corp access any R&D agent of a race by having 1 person with high standings passing the high standings on to everyone in the corp since other people using the agent didnt change the average at all… if that makes any sense) and also you dont need to match the R&D agent skill level, you can start research with the appropriate skill at level 1, but you get more out of it as your skills increase (the formula is your skill + agent level modified by the agent rating to determine your RP per hour)


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Karox Lominax:

    I don’t follow what you’re trying to say on the first part, but I am easily confused.

    My observation has been that my standing with Amarr overall (6.15 atm) seems to boost my base standing with all Amarr member corps as measured by what agents are available to me before I have ever interacted with any given corp.

    Currently it seems that if I want to start working with agents of an Amarr member corp I have not worked with before, I have immediate access to lower quality level III agents. This appeared, to me, to be the same for R&D agents.

    On the second point, I thought I remembered being rejected by an R&D agent at one point for not having my skill up to the right level, but it was a while back, so I might not have had the skill at all. (The info window about an R&D agent seems to me to imply that you need the right skill level as well, but we all know that is no indication of reality!)

    Nice to know, however, that with higher skill levels come greater rewards.


  4. Phoe

    I think, Karox is talking about social skills that increase your agent’s effective ‘quality’. The higher the quality the more cores you get. Also, there are different terms for different standings, Faction standings are the standings you increase by doing storyline missions(the ones you get after doing 16 missions for the same level of agent), Corporation standings are the standings you get by doing regular agent missions for your corp of choice, Personal standings are the standings you get from the agent your working with by doing his/her missions. Now, R&D agents are a ‘lil different from normal agents, as you need the R&D corp standing on top of any faction standing you have with the corp’s faction. Luckily it’s very easy to get your R&D corp standing up if you have high faction standing as you can use the corp’s high lv agents to run normal missions until you have the necessary standings. Last thing, you do need the right level science skills to do R&D with an agent, however, some agents have many different sciences that they can do research for(generally, more sciences at higher levels).


  5. Snafzg

    A post like this would have sent me running before I started the EVE trial… now I am just intrigued at the amazing complexity of it all with a small amount of basic newbie knowledge! :)


  6. Morph

    Plasma Pulse Generators > there is a bpo for these on the market, just a T2 component. You might want to look into making these yourself as it shaves off some of the cost of T2 production.

    Phenolic Composites > these come from moon mining reactions :).


  7. Morph

    Oh btw arming these missiles can have some drawbacks, you might want to look into it. All in all I don’t think it’s worth it…


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