Mission Dog

I went ahead and finished up the skills and bought the Cerberus heavy assault ship I mentioned a few posts back.

Cerberus in Flight

Cerberus in Flight

I wanted a new project to tinker around with I guess.  And, as I said before, while investing 100 million ISK in a science project seems a bit much, the nice thing about EVE is that I can always just package the ship up and sell it to somebody else to get my money back.

So I picked up the ship and fitted it out first with items I had on hand and ran a few level 4 missions along with my main, basically doing the same thing that I do with my alt when he flies his Drake, just to get a feel for the ship.  In that role, the Cerberus is a waste of ISK.

So I started digging through Battle Clinic‘s EVE ship fittings forum to see if I could come up with a good mission running setup.

I found one that caught my eye, modified it a little bit, and have been trying it out.


5 x Heavy Missile Launch II


1x Medium Shield Booster II
1x 10mn Afterburner II
3x Mission Specific Damage Resistance Amplifiers


2x Ballistic Control Unit II
2x Capacitor Flux Coil II


2x Capacitor Control Unit I

What this setup allows me to do is leave the afterburner and the shield booster running all the time, with the capacitor stable at approximately 50%.  The shield keeps filling up and I am moving along at a little over 500 m/s.

With this I have been able to blow through level 3 missions solo without breaking a sweat.  I have not tried to solo a level 4 so far.  I worry a bit about the damage output using just heave missiles and missions turning into battles of endurance as I slowly chop down ship after ship.

6 thoughts on “Mission Dog

  1. Nathan N

    If there is room, try squeezing a shield boost amplifier on instead of one of the hardeners. T2 resists should let you run with two harderners.


  2. Morph

    Yes cerb is a very nice ship. I used it in 0.0 for ratting. But it can be a bit of a pain to kill battleships, if you’re used to a raven ;).


  3. Reatu Krentor

    I’ve used a Cerb for lvl 4’s lately, with a similar fit

    H – 5x HML II
    M – LSE II, AB II, mission dependent hardeners
    L – 3 BCU II, DCU II
    rigs – none yet

    It has tanked everything so far, haven’t had very tough lvl 4’s yet (like worlds collide, recon 1/3). It tanks because my speed and signature keep incoming damage low. The 3 BCU give good damage output and if you really need more damage output you can use Fury missiles but keep in mind they do increase your signature radius.
    For rigs, I haven’t really decided yet what to go with, don’t think i want shield rigs as they increase signature, i’m thinking more about aux thruster and perhaps missile rig reducing explosion radius to get just that little extra damage on ceptors.


  4. Gribblethemunchkin

    I wouldn’t use it for lvl 4 missions unless you want some fun and a bit of a challenge.

    Battleships are still the best lvl 4 mission runners time wise.

    HACs really excel when you aren’t sure what you’ll be facing such as in exploration sites, ratting, etc.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I just wish I could afford one of those Gistum or Pithum shield boosters, but the price on those is crazy-insane. Half a billion to a billion and a half ISK for a medium shield booster.


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