Ingvar’s Head

Cutting straight to the chase, we killed Ingvar the Plunderer last Saturday night.


Go us!  Utgarde Keep completed!

In fact, we plowed through Utgarde Keep like… well… like we had had some practice.  We took out the trash mobs and killed all the bosses on the first try.  Ingvar, he’s a dead man !  Keleseth, dead! Niedermeyer, dead! Skarvald, dead!

The team for this adventure was:

73 Priest – Skronk
73 Mage – Ula
73 Warlock – Bungholio
73 Warrior – Earlthecat
74 Paladin – Vikund

And while we got through the instance in record (for us) time, our fight with Ingvar was a near run thing.

Plate Wearers, Play Dead!

Plate Wearers, Play Dead!

Just as we were beating Ingvar down below that last 10%, Earl and Vikund got zapped, leaving only the cloth wearing casters to take on the big boss.  Fortunately, he only had a few hit points left so a final hail of magic did him in.

Ingvar Defeated

Ingvar Defeated

We collected his head for the quest that we had all been holding in our log for the last few months, took our victory picture, and then started looking for the way out.  As if pretty typical of WoW instances, there is a short cut from the last boss to the exit.  In Utgarde Keep the quick way out involves jumping into a large, square shaft into some water.

I hope that water is deep enough

I hope that water is deep enough

Just do that twice, and hope they haven’t drained the pool for cleaning, and you’re back by the entrance.

All told, we wrapped up the keep in about 90 minutes, which left us with some more time to do something.  So we thought we would scout out the next instance on the agenda, The Nexus.

That meant a flight all the way across Northrend, which gave us all time to go get a snack or refresh our drink.

Once there, we had to find our way in.   I ran to the first swirly zone-entrance looking thing I saw.

Not The Entrance

Not The Entrance

No, the entrance is actually down below that area.  That glowing swirly appears to be just decorative for the moment.

Once we got the the actual way in, we had a choice of directions, this being one of those mult-wing instances it seems.  We went left and eventually ran into some people trapped in ice.

So Cool

So Cool

You cannot just walk past them however.  The ice seems to be there to keep them fresh… fresh to kill you!  Once you get too close, they break out and attack you.  You think somebody is going to be cool for once, and then they start wailing on you.

We fought our way along until we found a boss, Grand Magus Olestra.  And she is a blood elf that will cause you some leakage.

We cleared out her cronies and decided to just go after her without any pre-fight research.  This turned out to be one of the best boss fights so far in Northrend.  She has all sorts of crazy attacks and was throwing us all over the room in what must have been one of the most active battles we have been through in a long time.

Of course, the fact that we won made it that much better.

However, by that point the hour was getting late.  We declared our reconissance into The Nexus a success and vowed to be back next Saturday.

13 thoughts on “Ingvar’s Head

  1. Greg

    That glowing swirly is actually a raid instance, the Eye of Eternity with Malygos, a great big blue dragon.


  2. Morane

    The Nexus is probably my favorite Northrend instance. The final boss will make much more sense to you if you do the Coldarra (sp?) quests first.


  3. Furrere

    I know sod all about WoW but I loved the Animal House parody. Was Skronk ‘Bluto’ and Earlthecat ‘Flounder’ ?


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Niedermeyer is just a classic comedy name now. If that happens to be your actual name, I apologize, but I can get a laugh just saying that name.

    I am pretty sure Earl is “D-Day.”

    I aspire to be “Otter,” but I am pretty sure I am “Pinto” or “Flounder.” Or “Stork.”

    Skronk and Ula can be “Boon” and Katy I guess.

    And Bung… well he has a “B” name, but is a bit more reserved than “Bluto.” Maybe he is “Otter.”

    Does all this make the Lick King “Dean Wormer?”


  5. pitrelli

    Good going, there are certainly some interesting boss fights on the way to 80,and of course revisiting them for heroics at level 80 adds a little more spice to the encounters.

    Glad to see you still seem to be enjoying the expansion, there is certainly alot to see, especially with the added 3.1 patch :)


  6. *vlad*

    In fact that swirly thing is the entrance to the Occulus. Malygos’s entrance is higher up.
    If you do the quests beforehand at Transitus Shield, you will get 2 quests (I think) to complete in the instance, and also you will understand why you are trying to break the end-boss dragon out of the frozen ice.
    I don’t think the quest chain is that long.


  7. Anjin

    Congrats on finally capping UK. Ingvar disserves every death that comes his way. And have fun in Nexus. The final boss fight is amusing.


  8. Azy

    I see from several recent posts including this one that you are successfully playing in Northrend again…what resolved your ATI 4850 crashing issue? My boyfriend rolled back to the 8.12 catalyst drivers, and that seems to have helped, but did not completely eliminate the problem. So I’m just curious what your solution was. Although I realize that there are a lot of folks experiencing this, and what worked for you might not be applicable. =P


  9. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I have a follow up post to my video card issue brewing in which I go on about what I have done and how it has changed the issue only slightly. This week, I hope.

    But in general the problem occurs only in Dalaran for me. If I take the boat to Northrend and stay in the provinces, things are mostly okay. Once in a great while I might get a lock.


  10. Azy

    Thanks for the info…seems to be all of Northrend for the bf, so who knows. It’s a frustrating problem for sure, and strange that it’s so wide spread yet no ready solution is available. The joy of technology =P

    He doesn’t seem to crash much in old world Azeroth, so I was happy to have help last night questing in Stratholme for the Loremaster achievement. I’ll take what I can get, lol.


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