Daily Archives: April 20, 2009

Complex Emotions

Sunday afternoon I logged on to find that Potshot has been probing again.  Only this time he had come up with a Sansha Complex.

He had cleared the first pocket by the time I showed up.  I warped in and saw him salvaging.

I also saw all the asteroids, begging to be mined.  dozens of them.  time to start burning some rocks!

I warped back, grabbed my hulk, salivating at the prospect.  Then I hit the gate to the complex.

I knew that it restricted access to the area and that, for example, a battleship could not get in.  But I was dismayed to find that my Hulk was also not on the doorman’s list of those allowed in.

What sort of post-modern viking sadist lays out dozens of asteroids to be mined and then locks them behind a gate that won’t allow a mining barge through?

I worked out my feeling on this by blowing up some of the local structures.

Nice warehouse.  Shame if something bad should happen to it...

I can't blow up the gate, so these warehouses will have to do.

So all that mineral wealth stayed behind when we were done.  A big miner’s sigh for all those rocks left unburned.

We went on and cleared out the Sansha scum easily enough, but had to content ourselves with salvage and loot.