Complex Emotions

Sunday afternoon I logged on to find that Potshot has been probing again.  Only this time he had come up with a Sansha Complex.

He had cleared the first pocket by the time I showed up.  I warped in and saw him salvaging.

I also saw all the asteroids, begging to be mined.  dozens of them.  time to start burning some rocks!

I warped back, grabbed my hulk, salivating at the prospect.  Then I hit the gate to the complex.

I knew that it restricted access to the area and that, for example, a battleship could not get in.  But I was dismayed to find that my Hulk was also not on the doorman’s list of those allowed in.

What sort of post-modern viking sadist lays out dozens of asteroids to be mined and then locks them behind a gate that won’t allow a mining barge through?

I worked out my feeling on this by blowing up some of the local structures.

Nice warehouse.  Shame if something bad should happen to it...

I can't blow up the gate, so these warehouses will have to do.

So all that mineral wealth stayed behind when we were done.  A big miner’s sigh for all those rocks left unburned.

We went on and cleared out the Sansha scum easily enough, but had to content ourselves with salvage and loot.

9 thoughts on “Complex Emotions

  1. JC

    Man, that sucks that a barge couldn’t get through the gate. Was there a DED level on the plex? IME, it seems like the “lockout” is set by the DED number, regardless of what’s actually inside the place.

    Still…. I can’t imagine why a barge or exhumer would be blocked from any plex — if someone wants to take a non-combat ship into a combat plex, I say let them!


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Heh, an osprey came up in our chat on the subject. I think it was something along the lines of, “There is no way I’m going to mine this all in a fraking osprey!”

    Hauling down 51K units of veldspar with each 3 minute pass makes it tough to go back to the old ways.

    And to answer your question N.Palmer, it is in fact EVE Online.


  3. Sören

    It’s even annoying when running an innocent lvl 1 mission and then going back two-three times with your Tristan to pick up all the loot coz the Vexor and Exequror wont pass through the gate.


  4. JC

    Um… you can bookmark the cans/wrecks, turn in the mission, and then come back without needing to worry about the gate. . . .


  5. Captain Braddock

    jc is right it goes for missions

    when you enter a mission(complet it at the agent) the wrecks and loot stay. so a [BM] will help you to get back to the old (no longer deadspace) space and collect loot. easy way to be able to use a mwd to pick it all up


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