Saddle Up The Cats!

Last week was spring break for my daughter, so she had no school for a full week.

The joys of youth.

She wanted to know if I could take the week off of work as well.  I couldn’t oblige her with the whole week, but I managed to get Monday and Friday off.

Monday we got into Azeroth and were determined to make the climb to level 30.  Okay, we were already level 29, so there wasn’t that big of a climb ahead of us, but keeping a 7 year old focused can be a chore of its own at times.

We headed off to Duskwood where we still had a pile of quests left to clean up.  Up in the Raven Hill Cemetery first she then I hit level 30 then I did.


She showed he readiness for pick-up groups when she hit 30 first and wanted to stop questing right that second.  I had to convince her that the right thing to do was stick around until I hit 30 as well.  We’re still working on manners at our house.

Once we were both level 30 we made our way to Darnassus to train our skills, including the most important one.

Then we had to buy the actual mounts.

My daughter decided that since there were three different basic saber cat mounts for night elves, we should all get a different one.  Later on we caught up with my mother near Southshore and we took a picture with the three of us and our new cats.

Three Cats in Hillsbrad

Three Cats in Hillsbrad

After that we did a few more quests then took a break.  My daughter launched KidPix and drew a picture of her new mount.

He Mount

Her Mount

Now she wants to get back down to Thousand Needles, which we passed through the other day, and to the Mirage Raceway so she can see how fast she is compared to the goblin and gnome rocket racers.  I’m not sure a white tiger is MRIOC sanctioned however.

Now to start saving for those epic mounts.  Though at the rate we’re going, level 60 is a ways away.

8 thoughts on “Saddle Up The Cats!

  1. smart001

    I cannot wait to get my 3 year old playing. Her mom and I already play in the evenings after she goes to bed. I think she will love it. Probably won’t be for another few years though, sadly :( Gratz on 30 and mount.


  2. Gallaria

    @Smelt – Awesome doesn’t begin to describe it for Night Elf Hunter Mom/Grandma (the one on the left in the group shot) who is 2500 miles away – “Priceless” seems to fit quite well.


  3. Kilanna

    My nephew is due to be born this week ….. I am already planning similar Auntie / Nephew quality time :p

    Jokes aside, what a wonderful wonderful thing you have with 3 generations of your family bonding together and having fun. I am sure your daughter / grand daughter will have fond memories of your time together in Azeroth for a long time to come.


  4. pitrelli

    haha the drawing is class :) , its also nice to see people actually enjoying WoW for once instead of trying to rush the content. To many people play it like a second job imo then moan that the enjoyment factor is gone. Fair play to your family clan of WoWers


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