The Nexus Postponed

We were all online Saturday night.

Sort of.

A couple of us were in game and everybody was on Skype when Earl sent the message, “Oh, there is a patch.”

He apparently did not get the memo and still had the full download to go.  And the Blizzard patch is many things, but speedy is not one of them.

That about did in any hope of an instance run for the night.  The Nexus would have to wait.

A couple of us ran some of the quests in and around Coldarra for a bit, but it ended up being an early night for most of us.

I did start to wonder, later on, if Coldarra was one of those accidental names that get formed from how people refer to a place.  It is, after all, a cold area.

2 thoughts on “The Nexus Postponed

  1. dave

    It was named by the developer that got his tongue stuck to the flagpole and couldn’t get out the long e sound in area :)


  2. smakendahed

    One tip… when you turn blue, jump.

    That is all. I’m not even going to say where that will matter. :D


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