Kitten Invasion

While it has not been that long since our oldest cat Felix passed, it is spring time and thoughts have turned to kittens.

My daughter has been agitating for a kitten for a couple of years now, an idea which was vetoed in the past because we didn’t really want to become a three cat household.

But after Felix’s passing, after some time had passed, there was obviously room in our house for another cat.  Even Oscar has seemed quite lonely since then, as he and Felix were best buddies.

So my wife and daughter started looking for a kitten.  And despite reservations about becoming a three cat household, we ended up with a pair of litter mates, a brother and a sister who are now named Fred and Trixie.  They just came home yesterday.

Both cats were a little nervous when they showed up, but it did not take Fred long to come out of his shell.  He was knocking things over and finding toys not long after he arrived.

Fred and his new favorite toy

Fred and his new favorite toy

Trixie is not yet so comfortable in her new surroundings.  She stays under cover a lot of the time.

Trixie is a little more reserved

Trixie is a little more reserved

We set them aside in my wife’s office, which also serves as the guest bedroom, when we have visitors, and the kitty sun room during the day.

Play time in the guest room

Play time in the guest room

The room is somewhat sparse when it comes to cover, so my daughter and I took an empty copier paper box, cut a few holes in it, lined it with one of my sweatshirts, and presented them with the kitty hotel.

Can we stay here

Can we stay here?

I cut a flap in the top of the box which immediately became Fred’s favored door, though he also squeezed through one of the windows at one point.  Kittens can get through remarkably small holes.

No Vacancy

No Vacancy

The hotel was a success.  They now have their own cozy spot in which to escape.

So the kittens are settling in.  Now we have to see what Oscar will do.

Oscar perched on a the back of an office chair

Oscar perched on the back of an office chair

He knows we’re up to something.  His first response was to hide under the bed.  But when we failed to come get him, he started sniffing around.  Now he wants to know why his sun room is closed and what is making those noises on the other side of the door.

No hissing, growling, or fluffed tails yet.  When we brought Oscar home as a kitten almost nine years ago he bonded with Felix in about an hour.  We hope he will welcome the new kittens the way he was welcomed.

At least until the kittens get loose and begin to stalk him day and night looking for fun.

11 thoughts on “Kitten Invasion

  1. Loredena

    Kittens are such fun :) And they are all tuxedos!

    I lost my tuxedo cat last fall, and am currently holding off adopting another, as my dog didn’t prove to be that well-behaved with her. I miss the antics though.

    Enjoy the entertainment! Hopefully Oscar will bound with them quickly.


  2. Captain Braddock

    Well we ended up being a 3 kitten household without wanting it too.
    We had 2 cats already. Then one day a small little fluffy kitten showed up in the garden asking for attention. It only took a sec for the hart of my Girlfriend to melt.So we ended up with 3 kittens 2 female one male.
    He felt at home right from the moment he past thru the back door.
    The house is his now and we are allowed to live in it too :)


  3. Matt (Malfi)

    I love that they are all Tuxedos! My favorite kind of cat. Tobie (my 18 year old Tuxedo) isn’t friendly with other cats so finding him a companion isn’t an option. I look forward to many posts on their antics once they meet up with Oscar!!


  4. Eric

    Ah so nice :). I especially like the cat hotel cardbox ! They’ll have a lot of fun in your family I am sure.

    Oscar will soon point out to them, who’s boss, and then just accept them around him.


  5. whitekitten

    Thank you for sharing the kitteh pix Wilhelm!! They are the kew-tist little munchkins! (Even if not fully white!)

    I had missed your post about Felix’s passing and had to be informed of it by Skronk, and I’m terribly sorry – but I think Felix would strongly approve of these little tykes. :)


    PS – Have they been on lolcats yet?


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The hotel for cats is actually a success. When they get tired of playing they both curl up in there for a nap. This may be the first piece of cat furniture I have made/acquired that ended up being used as I envisioned.

    And yes, we’re big on the black and white kitties around our house. We have had a series of very happy and affectionate tuxedos in the past.


  7. arbitrary

    I made an almost identical kitten hotel when we were fostering a litter of 5 & mum. Mum used the door, all the kittens slithered in and out of windows for as long as they could!


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