Noblegarden Egg Frenzy

World of Warcraft has another in-game holiday going on this week.  It is called Noblegarden.  It is essentially Easter without Christ involved in any way, so only slightly different than Easter for a lot of people.  But resurrection isn’t such a big deal on Azeroth, where nothing really dies.

Blizzard thoughtfully put Noblegarden after Easter, so you should mark your calendar on consecutive weeks:

  1. Easter
  2. Orthodox Easter
  3. Blizzard Easter

And if you want to turn Noblegarden into your own secular Easter celebration, I can tell you that all the Easter items are 75% off at CVS.  Take that my Orthodox friends! (Actually Easter and Orthodox Easter fall on the same Sunday next year, so only the Noblegarden adherents will get a discount on candy.)

So Noblegarden is an in-game hunt for big colorful eggs.  Each egg has a piece of chocolate in it.  There is a quest where you turn in 10 pieces of chocolate and another quest for 20 broken egg shells, but the real event goes on after that.

After those quests you start collecting eggs for the chocolate, which it turns out is the currency that drives the Noblegarden economy.  The Noblegarden vendor has a list of items that you can purchase with your chocolate.


The big item on the list is the Spring Rabbit’s Foot which gets you a Noblegarden bunny as a pet.

And there are Noblegarden achievements of course.  And to get all of them done you need to purchase everything on the list, which leads to the annoying part of the event.

When it came to actually hiding eggs, Blizzard turns out to be even lazier than me.  There are actually a number of locations where the eggs are hidden; around the first inn in each of the new player starting areas is the default, with a couple of locations in the Outlands.  But the actual hiding area in each location seems to be pretty darn small.

In Goldshire the eggs are only immediately around two of the buildings.  So everybody who shows up looking for eggs, a couple hundred people at prime time on Sunday night, is focused in a pretty tight area.

So on Sunday night I did not see an actual brightly colored egg, so heavily hunted were they.  I began to suspect it was a myth, a late Blizzard April Fools joke.  But people assured me that eggs were spawning.

This morning, thinking the crowd would be somewhat thinned, I tried again.  I actually found 20 eggs and finished off the two quests in about 30 minutes, but it was brutal.  There are a limited number of eggs, they spawn about once a minute in a given area, and even at off-peak time, 7am on a Monday morning Pacific time, there were easily 100 people scrambling after eggs in Goldshire.

You see, you need at least 300 eggs to get all the items and accomplish all of the achievements.

If they had spread the egg spawn area out some, this might be viable.  But with the tight focus the hunt has become a maelstrom, at least on my servers.

Noblegarden is now a fierce battle, an epic struggle, a click race, as each known egg spawn point is covered by several people while others circle hoping to dart in and pick up targets of opportunity from the unwary.  It is nasty, brutish, and colorful.

Congratulations Blizzard, you have turned this event into the ultimate mocking symbol of rampant holiday consumerism!  You have shown us all what we are!

But I still want the pet Noblegarden bunny.

And I’ll have to get one for my daughter too.

And the rabbit ears.  I have to have those!

Well, I have through Saturday.

10 thoughts on “Noblegarden Egg Frenzy

  1. CindyL

    Started the event last night and it is a lot of fun. Sure it’s a mad bunny race to the next egg but that’s what makes it neat. By friday night when most people will have all the items it will be boring and really easy to get the eggs, or maybe I’m underestimating the WoW population. O.o I just started playing so I’m going by the example of LotrO and FFXI where it’s best to wait until the last day as there is no competition then.

    The bunny ears are darned cute. ;)


  2. Rohan

    Go to the night elf or draenai starting cities. Those are much less camped.

    Also, I think all the items you need for the achievements have a chance of being found in an egg. But if you don’t get them randomly, you can trade chocolate for them. I think it’s a good trade-off between random and grind.


  3. Occeleta

    If you stay diligent on your egg hunt you won’t have to buy everything. I got the tuxedo set and spring robe out of eggs. Shortly after buying the spring flowers and the pet spring rabbit I ended up getting a spring flowers and 5, that’s right, 5 of the pets. Shame they couldn’t at least be bind on account


  4. Green Armadillo

    As Rohan notes, the egg hunting is much better in Kalimdor. Goldshire is still the game’s most popular starting area, and players are going to congregate there en masse.

    Also, I’m not certain about the date for the future, but Noblegarden was supposed to start on non-Orthodox Easter this year. It got delayed by two weeks to allow Blizzard to deploy the 3.1 patch (which contained the revised holiday) and spend a week working out the stability issues before starting a time-limited holiday event.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I will grant that Goldshire is a busy place most days of the week even without an event, but I was actually in the blood elf starting area for a while on Sunday and could not figure out why it was overrun with level 80 alliance players. I did not see any eggs there, though I wasn’t aware of them at that point. Still, they are sizable and colorful.

    Darnassus is was out of the way though. I’ll have to check there this week. I will have to get my daughter the pet bunny.


  6. TheRemedy

    I believe the only reason Noblegarden is after Easter is they didn’t finish the content in time. So next year it will probably start on Easter.


  7. *vlad*

    I love the way Blizzard sets out a load of hoops, tells everyone that jumping thorugh said hoops is an Achievement, and everyone fights tooth and claw to do them.

    This is accompanied by a desire to grab said items from under the noses of other players, and the inevitable string of invective if you manage to click an egg half a second before someone else.

    I struggle to understand why people HAVE to do these things: Running round Dalaran hoping to find a Troll female or a Dwarf female to stick bunny ears on; going to Ungoro as a rabbit and laying an egg near a hot spring.

    I don’t get it. Oh, and before people start saying it’s fun, standing around with dozens of other people grinding spwan spots is not fun. Ever.


  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I have a friend who hunted eggs and such from 4pm until 3am on Sunday, earning the title “The Noble.” Never underestimate the power of achievements on people.


  9. Azy

    As my boyfriend pointed out, no festive holiday is complete until Aunt Irene says “GET THE F**K OFF MY EGG, DOUCHEBAG”.

    Feel the Easter love =P

    Even though it was at times unpleasant, I camped enough eggs to get the Polymorph: Bunny Tome, as I’m a mage and pretty much had to have it. And then I kept going, to get the Noble title. Achievements work for me, I must be that Bartle type, but I know they don’t work for everyone. Sometimes I think the “achievement people vs. the folks who wouldn’t camp an egg for nuthin'” debate is a lot like the “hardcore vs. casual” debate. Neither has a solution; people just like different things about the games they play and how they play them.


  10. KJP

    After slogging through enough eggs to get the vital items for the meta on Sunday night, I went back to Azure Watch on Monday to see about getting the rabbit Polymorph spell. MUCH less crowded and contentious the second night.

    I also noticed that when the town isn’t so crowded, the camping method quickly becomes a lot less efficient than the apparently-intended mechanic of using the basket to sprint around.


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