It Is 9pm and Free Realms Remains Leashed

Or Maybe Wednesday

Or Maybe Wednesday

At least the rodent looks apologetic.

4 thoughts on “It Is 9pm and Free Realms Remains Leashed

  1. Noizy

    I was able to get into the game at 11:30pm Pacific time. That was 1:30am for me. Not sure that really counts as a Tuesday launch, but I got in :)


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Did it really go live? I still see buttons on the front page that say “Sign Up For Beta!” and “Click here if you want a beta key!” A bit sloppy, but then SOE had advertised an unavailable EverQuest completion on the EQ page for nearly two years after it had ceased to be available. Something of a track record there I’d say.

    But in the world of software development there is a long standing rule that as long as it happens by 11:59pm local time, it counts as that day. And you can petition for an exemption so long as you ship while it is still that day in Samoa and the Aleutians.


  3. Noizy

    Yeah, that’s the joke we have with our support contact for our software vendor at work. He’ll tell us that the software will be available sometime in April, so we automatically pencil in 11:59pm on April 30.


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