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April in Review

The Site

Somewhere along the line I stopped linking directly to the posts of other bloggers on a regular basis.  I used to do it a lot, but I fell off the wagon at some point, so I am resolving to do it more often going forward.

However, I am not going nuts like Tipa who has taken something akin to the apparently late CrazyKinux’s EVE Speedlinking and applied it to a wider set of topics and on a daily basis.  She hasn’t mentioned me yet (*pout*), but I have been on about WoW and EVE a lot lately, neither of which are high on her list.

I also tinkered around with a tag cloud in the side bar, mostly because I saw Potshot and Heartless_ add them.  Generally I don’t like those cloud things, but they are interesting to look at once in a while.    So if you had hit the site in the right 10 minute window at one point two weeks back, you would have seen these in the side bar:

Category Cloud

Category Cloud

Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud

I am surprised at how big RMT, TorilMUD, and SUWT appear in the tag cloud.  Tabula Rasa is in there and that big?  And I obviously need an EVE Online character named Reynaldo Fabulous to boost that tag.

Why two clouds?

WordPress has two ways to flag posts.  Categories and tags.  Categories are higher level classifications, things about which you will write  about a lot.  Tags are for more focused classification.  So when I write about the instance group, it goes into the category for instance group and World of Warcraft, while the tag is related to whatever specific activity we have been up to, such as running The Nexus.

You can see that the most popular category is “entertainment.”  That is because I flag all my posts with that.  It is considered something like a “top level category” by WordPress.com and if your post has that category (and you have uploaded an avatar) you have some minuscule chance of appearing on the WordPress front page.  It has happened to me a couple of times.

One Year Ago

I made up something for April Fool’s Day.  I thought it was amusing.

Lord of the Rings Online celebrated a year of being live.  Book 13 introduced, among other things, fishing.  And my video problems with the game proved to be a bad video card, so I was actually able to get into the game.

Computer Gaming World/Games For Windows magazine ceased publishing as part of the ongoing demise of print media.

In EVE Online I made the big move from Caldari to Amarr space.  I also began producing Badger transports for fun and profit.

Meanwhile in WoW one million people in China logged into WoW at the same time.  There is still no report on what would happen if they all pressed the space bar at the same time.  While that was going on, the instance group finished up the Slave Pens and the Underbog and began the long struggle with the Mana Tombs.

And then it was Tipa’s turn to bang the EverQuest nostalgia drum, so I joined in yet again.

New Linking Sites

The following sites have linked TAGN on their blog roll.

I encourage you to return the favor and visit these site to see what they have to offer.

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Deleted Comments of the Month

stupid people that runs this website
[Sorry, you need to be insulting in complete sentences.  I have some standards.]

no agent will give me a mission
[Maybe it is your breath.]

EVE Online

We have been living a bit dangerously in our corp.  Potshot and I have been venturing into wormholes, testing out the water, not always without incident.  Two other members of the corp have been playing in carebear 0.0 space.  There is an alliance called CVA that runs a section of 0.0 space as though it were part of Amarr space.  Anybody can go there and rat or mine and they run patrols to hunt down pirates.  And best of all, you don’t even have to go through low sec space to get there.  And then there is Gaff who has left our little corp again to join a 0.0 corp that is part of the Sylph Alliance, and neighbor of CVA.  This time, however, he has made it in to 0.0 space, mined a mint in ore and lost his first raven in pvp combat.

Lord of the Rings Online

LOTRO celebrated its second anniversary, and I really wanted to get on and do some of the special things they have had going on over the last month.  However, being busy with EVE, WoW, kittens, and work, I only managed about fifteen minutes in virtual Middle-earth in April.  I will have to continue to live LOTRO vicariously via the Van Hemlock podcast.

World of Warcraft

Lots of activity in Azeroth.  The usual instance group runs plus play time on the weekends with my daughter and mother.  And then there has been Noblegarden.  I’ll have some more on that.

Nintendo DS

Pokemon Platinum has gotten some play over the course of the month.  Not as much as I suspected it would, though my daughter already has five gym badges to my mere two.  We spent a lot of the month obsessing about kittens.

Coming Up

Certainly the ongoing exploits of the Permanent Floating Saturday Night Instance Group will continue.  Does anybody get that reference?  Should I just give it up?

Potshot is planning out something we’re calling “The Expedition” in EVE.  We’ll see how far that gets.  In regards to skills and ISK we are set.  Time though is ever our bugbear.

And I am pretty sure I am going to post something else about the kittens, if only to keep the friends and family members who read the blog appraised of their antics.  You’ve been warned.