Daily Archives: May 4, 2009

And Then There Was Children’s Week

After scoring all of the Noblegarden achievements on my main (and one alt) I was on something of an achievement buzz and looking forward to Children’s Week and the chance to earn some more perfectly useless “points.”

And then I started looking at the achievements.  A couple of them were pretty easy.  You could hardly avoid getting them if you ran the Children’s Week quests.  Then there were a few that took a bit of work.

And then there was the achievement that required you to accomplish things in certain battlegrounds with your orphan out and about, School of Hard Knocks.  This pretty much put the Children’s Week meta achievement out of reach for me.

Generally I like WoW achievements as long as they are goofy, fun, beneficial, or have a reward.  But I am also pretty clear in my mind that they are side tasks and any of them that become a pain generally get ignored.

And, frankly, spending a week running battlegrounds in hopes of knocking out this one achievement seemed to rate high on the scale of pain for me.  And I had not even considered how annoying this achievement might be for the people who enjoy playing battlegrounds and who are going to end up having their venue swarmed by achievement hounds who are unlikely to be “team players.”  I am happy to not to be adding to that problem as well.

So I let that slide in the hope that the achievements required for the Children’s Week meta achievement will get altered by the next time it comes around.  I ran the quests with the orphans, which gave me a nice little boost to my always lagging faction, some experience, and a couple of new pets (which got me to the “Plenty of Pets” achievement) and then called it an early week, putting off the meta achievement.

I can afford to wait.

After all, one of the achievements needed for the meta achievement requires you to slay King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle, a level 80 instance.  Our weekly group isn’t quite there yet.  Maybe by next time.