EA Bleeds One Billion Dollars

Electronic Arts reported a one billion dollar loss for the fiscal year according to GameSpot.

Wasn’t EA’s head honcho, John Riccitiello, going on about the recession being good because it eliminates competitors or some such?  I’ll have to go find that quote.

Oh, here it is.

1 thought on “EA Bleeds One Billion Dollars

  1. syncaine

    Hmmm, he says trends like subscription games in the east could effect the west. Considering F2P is popular in the east, and subs are popular in the west, wtf is he talking about?

    To give credit where credit is due, their iPhone games are actually good quality stuff. Monopoly, while an ‘easy’ game to port, works really well on the iPhone, as does Sim City. I’d easily pay $10 to play the original Populous on my iPhone, and who would not like to relive Kings Quest as well?

    Interesting that EA is backing off the music genre (which IMO, the fad is over), while Activision is ramping up with three new GuitarHero-like games in 2009. Should be interesting what their take on that segment is later today.


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