Daily Archives: May 12, 2009

Blizzard Poaches from PopCap

Ars Technica reported this morning that Blizzard is bringing on board PopCap Games VP Greg Canessa.

That Blizzard is hiring from ultra casual game developer PopCap no doubt confirms in the minds of some the direction Blizzard has been heading for a while. (roll stock forum posts about dumbing down WoW and footage of Bejeweled AddOns.)

Of course, Mr. Canessa was largely responsible for moving PopCap games on to console platforms.  Maybe that has meaning?

Or maybe Mr. Canessa wanted to change the focus of his career, and what better place to go than the top entry on the Develop 100 list of “most bankable game development studios.”  PopCap is # 35 on the list.

A few other MMO developers made that list.  EA Mythic is in at #55 and CCP is a bit further down at #70.

But Blizzard is in there at #1.