LOTRO Bullroarer Performance Event

A  note about Lord of the Rings Online found its way to my in box last night regarding an event they will be hosting tomorrow on the test server.

An image clip from the email

An image clip from the email

Turbine will be running an performance test on the test server and wants to get people to log on and help.  To encourage this, they are giving away prizes to a few lucky participants who log in between 9pm and 11pm Eastern Time.  You can read about the details, rules, and prizes here.

Unfortunately, the way things go for me, I am rarely home before 7pm Pacific time, which translates to 10pm Eastern, so my participation will be unlikely as I have prior bed time story commitments.  Such is life, living on a sphere and all.   Any time you pick will be inconvenient for somebody.  But should you be able to log in, you might actually win something like a new video card.

And, as they always say, no purchase is necessary and void where prohibited.

Except for the game, which you will have had to have purchased already, right?

9 thoughts on “LOTRO Bullroarer Performance Event

  1. Lora

    Yeah, sure we got LOTRO already…. *cough*
    Sticking with wow here. The test server is free to play right? When you have “bought” the game?

    – Lora


  2. Hudson

    I’ll be trying this tomorrow. Should be interesting.

    Game is also on sale for $9.99 with Moria at the moment. That is pretty nutty price.


  3. Lora

    I’ve done some research and it seems that you can download the client for the test server for free.

    The link is on the page which is posted in the above article.

    – Lora


  4. Kinless

    The wife and I downloaded the client and created characters about an hour and a half before the official “start.”

    This was going to be a non-WoW night and just to check out what the deal was. She created a minstril and I created a hunter, both classes neither of us had tried before.

    At 9 Eastern, we had left the intitial area and entered the main zones.

    Not long after there were some general “Raid” announcements about certain areas being attacked.

    At the time my L



    was so bad the game was unplayable. We spent 5 minutes trying to kill a fly. At the first quest giver, I stood for 5 minutes waiting for the quest giver to respond so I could continue. I amused myself by jumping and the lag let me hang in the air like a Matrix scene. Funny, but not.

    We decided to respond to a report of an attack at Staddle. (We were in the Elven beginning area.) So we hopped onto horses to be transported to Combe. After a long wait the system finally just dropped us.

    I’m not sure what they were testing.

    So we knocked out a few dailies in WoW. :/


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