May in Review

The Site

Somewhere along the line lost 30K of page views from my statistics total.  Their raw statistics sum up to a number close enough to my own recording of daily totals, but they are missing something in their total pageviews count.  They have been enhancing the stats page over the last month which no doubt broke something.  I am sure they will correct this soon.

One of my goals last month was to link to more posts on other blogs in the spirit of community, which I did a bit of, but not so much as I would have liked.  I’ll see if I can do better next month.  One of the benefits to others of this is that my site seems to be one of the tracked sites on Massive Blips, a gaming news aggregator, so if I link to a post on a site that is not tracked, Massive Blips will see the story and add it to its daily news.  That won’t actually drive much traffic to any given site, but I think it may help with page ranking and such.

One Year Ago

My daughter and I were finishing up the final battles in the base game of Pokemon Diamond as well as staging our own gym battles.

In EVE Online CCP gave us a date for the Empyrean Age as well as giving us all a gift on the five year anniversary of the game.   Meanwhile I was building battleships, refining my Drake fittings, and laughing at a the EVE Online guide to talking smack.

In World of Warcraft the instance group was doing some quests to level up a bit because the Mana Tombs were proving to be a challenge.

And, in the industry in general, Turbine got $40 million dollars to play with (do we know what they spent that on?) while Age of Conan launched amid immediate declarations of success and failure.

New Linking Sites

The following sites have linked TAGN on their blog roll.

I encourage you to return the favor and visit these site to see what they have to offer.

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  5. Regigigas Event at Toys R Us
  6. EuroGamer: Darkfall Agent Provocateur?
  7. Solving the Three Cat Problem
  8. Getting Upper Blackrock Spire Access
  9. Free Realms Unleashed Today
  10. 2009 MMORPG Progdictionations
  11. The Secret of NYHM
  12. Five LEGO Video Game Titles I Want

Search Term of the Month

diablo last boss
[Wouldn’t that would be Diablo?  That is the name on the box.]

Spam Comment of the Month

great blog i gotta say. thanks for the information alot of stuff i didnt know i thought this was about something like mickey mouse toasters
[all the links to the site selling mickey mouse toasters removed]

EVE Online

We continue our slow ramp up to The Expedition, training skill, gathering parts, fitting ships, and the like.  I have jump clones available now for my main and my alt.  And I continue the training ramp for Reynaldo Fabulous to turn him into a support pilot for the operation.

Lord of the Rings Online

I had to admit this month that, as much as I want to see Moria, I really haven’t been playing LOTRO that much.  Part of it is that there is more than enough to keep me occupied in EVE and WoW and part of it is that when I am over in LOTRO I am almost always solo.  So, the game has officially been moved to “back burner” status.

World of Warcraft

The instance group has been on a side track for some of the month, going back to hunt achievements in the Outlands, but should be back in full swing in Northrend soon.  And on the family front, my daughter and I are up to level 35.  My daughter loves getting levels, but isn’t so keen on actually doing quests and killing stuff to get them.  She prefers to spend most of her time goofing around on in battlegrounds.  So to move her along I play Azerothian tour guide and setup leveling dates where we go out and knock off a full level worth of quests in a specific zone in under two hours.  My mom, on the other hand, is already in the 40s.  She is more like me and will sit down and knock out a few quests on a regular bases as relaxation after work.

Nintendo DS/Wii

Pokemon Platinum, while off to a strong start when we picked it up, has hit a big slump for us.  The game is still fun, and it is a bit different than Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, but not different enough.  While they have done a Blizzard and sanded down some of the grind, it has been hard to get excited about the game of late.

The Wii has also sat somewhat stagnate this month.  The power went out earlier in the month and it was a couple of weeks before the unit got powered up again.  Then my daughter had some friends over and there was a flurry of activity with the it.  The Wii is a good social gaming console I guess.

Coming Up

As always, the ongoing adventures of the instance group in Azeroth as well as our misadventures in EVE Online.

Also, with the whole thing getting me to pull out Diablo II again as well as StarCraft, there has been the threat of more games coming off the shelf, so I would not bet against some additional retro gaming posts.

11 thoughts on “May in Review

  1. WG

    I believe a recent version up of WP-Stats changed from GMT day tracking to local time zone tracking. We experienced some similar numbers disconnect, but I think ours was just a single day’s worth around the change.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yeah, I saw that change a while back. I was still okay after that. I reset the stats to report based on GMT since I had 2.5 years of stats already pegged off of GMT. But last week the did another update to stats and things changed.

    When I add up the yearly summaries for page views, it is +/- 10 relative to my spreadsheet, but the total number they put at the bottom of the stats page is off by 30K. I’m sure it will get fixed, but I was confused for a bit.


  3. We Fly Spitfires

    You should consider moving to Google Analytics – it’s probably the best stats package out there and totally free. Very easy to install too, just need to paste in some JavaScript into your footer template.

    LotRO… I keep hearing so much good stuff about it. I need to try it! Just wish I had more time as WoW and EQ2 keep me plenty busy :)


  4. syncaine

    I’m always curious why your top monthly posts are almost all older posts. Do you just get a ton of Google/reference traffic, or are your daily posts not getting as big a initial surge?

    I just checked my 30 day tracker, and all but two posts from the top ten are posts made in the last 30 days.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Syncaine: On a daily basis, usually what I wrote today or yesterday tops the list. But of the top five on that list, four of them I am on the first page of search returns for likely Google searches.

    In some ways it is gratifying that some posts don’t simply get forgotten the moment they fall off the front page. (That is part of why I do the “One Year Ago” part of the round up and generally link back to older, relevant posts pretty regularly.) On the other hand, if there was a post for which I wanted to be remembered, it probably wouldn’t be “Rotom Secret Key Event.”

    @WFS – With a hosted blog you cannot run JavaScript. I’ve played with Google Analytics on another blog, but I cannot bring it here. And, even if I did, it would have stats that were nearly 3 years late in starting. has decent stats, which is the reason I chose to go with a hosted blog, and they keep improving them. But every so often we get the “two steps forward, one step back” scenario. Such is life.


  6. Xyd

    Enough with the talk about stats, EVE, LotRO and other nonsense. Some more WoW-oreinted posts, please. I can start padding the stats if that’s important to you.



  7. syncaine

    Yea I have a few posts which are on the first page on Google, and those get somewhat steady traffic (SOTNW servers recently must have gone down, as my post about that game just got some high traffic for instance), but that steady flow is usually not enough to overcome the first 3-4 days a new post gets for traffic. I’m curious if this is because our sites are so far apart on overall traffic, or if for whatever reason I get more ‘new’ traffic, and you get more Google-inspired traffic?

    (I mean, you are the Poke-traffic whore, and I do my ‘blog war traffic to get rich quick’ scheme)


  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Usually, what I posted on a given day and what I posted the day before are #1 and #2 on the daily traffic. There is usually something else recent on the top 10, but the rest test to be ongoing Google refers or links from other sites. Then over the weekend, when I tend not to post, or when I post about kittens or Pokemon, traffic is more heavily tilted towards Google.

    I was surprised/disappointed that “Is There Hope for a Science Fiction MMORPG?” fell off the top 12 list this month. (It was #14) That is something I actually, you know, put some effort into writing, so was always happy to see get a decent amount of search traffic.

    Surprising items to me:

    My Darkfall post was linked on the Darkfall forums but only made 6th place. They just aren’t as angry as they used to be. I guess… or they have, you know, a real game to play now.

    The Secret of NYHM only got 11 despite being linked to by Tobold. Granted, the context didn’t actively invite people to click on the link, but there was a time when such a link would have been worth its weight in page views… whatever that means.


  9. syncaine

    Yea I get linked by the DF forums often, and the only time I see a major traffic spike from such a link is when the server is down/crashes. Sadly server crashes have become somewhat rare now, so not as much profit on that end.

    The biggest surprise traffic post for me is my EQ2 screenshot comparison, which continues to get steady traffic both from Google and from Tipa. The post that gets the most comments is my bitching about the EQ2 trial download, I still get 2-3 comments a month from someone being surprised/angry over how long it takes.

    My ‘content I actually take pride in creating’ post that got good traffic was my raiding sickness post, and that still gets decent (but not top 10) traffic/comments.


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