Daily Archives: June 5, 2009

Which Game Was I Playing?

Based on a true story.  Sanitized for your protection.

I had an assignment from a non-player character.

I had to proceed to a specified destination and obtain something.

The destination was staffed with hostile non-player characters, as these sorts of destinations invariably are, which I had to eliminate before I could achieve my goal.

While dealing with the hostile non-player characters another player, who was much better equipped, arrived and rendered the assignment impossible to complete.

The player also made it quite clear that this was not an accident.  It was the player’s intention to deliberately create a situation where I could not complete the assignment.

In frustration I submitted a ticket asking for redress of the situation.

Many hours later a representative of the game company responded via an in-game message that the behavior of the other player was within the allowed rules of the game and the company would not take any action on my behalf.

I had been griefed and the company in question was okay with that.  All part of the game they said.

Which game was I playing?

The answer will come next week, but feel free to support your own response in the comments.