Daily Archives: June 8, 2009

Spending All My Gold

Unlike EVE Online, where I keep a close eye on finances, I tend to not think too much about currency in World of Warcraft.

Every so often I go on an auction house binge.  I get Auctioneer installed and running, then go looking for stuff to sell.  But that does not happen very often.

So I was a bit surprised to notice my gold count running past 3,000 pieces a couple of weeks back.  It turns out that running all those daily quests for the Kalu’ak, as well as the Dalaran and Shattrath cooking and fishing daily quests, started adding up.

And then the Dalaran fishing daily paid off big with a gem that sold at the auction house for 800 gold.  (I considered keeping it, but I have no socketed gear at all right now.)

That put me within striking distance of something I never thought I would have: The epic flying mount.  It was time for another auction house binge.

Vikund, my main, is an engineer, which is not a particularly lucrative profession. (You can make a bunch of stuff other people have problems using.  How like real life!)  But he does have the mining skill to go along with it, so I started going out of my way to mine.  Outland ore, fel iron and adamantite, were especially good to me.  Nagrand has ended up being the best zone for me to mine in, being rather sparsely populated most of the time.

Last week I got close enough that I sent a couple hundred gold from another character and took the plunge.

That is the achievement you get for spending 5,000 gold on the artisan riding skill.  Then just another 200 gold for the actual epic flying mount and I was… broke.

It has been a long time since I had only that much gold.  In fact, I had to dig some soulbound stuff out of the bank to sell to a vendor to be able to finance ongoing auction house work.  But it was worth it.

The epic flying mounts boost your ground speed by 100%, the same as the level 60 epic riding mounts, and in the air it acceleates you by 280%.  Add in the extra 20% speed boost Vikund gets from his paladin Crusader Aura and you have a pretty fast ride indeed.

I suppose, being an engineer, I should have gone for the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine, but I was selling all my raws to pay for the artisan riding skill.  So, instead, I went for the Swift Blue Gryphon.

High Speed Paladin

High Speed Paladin

If the flying mount gave a feeling of freedom in the game, then the epic version multiplies it.  The gryphon seems to be about as fast as the ones used to go between the various flight points in the game.  I have not tried racing one from point to point, but I have followed a couple of people in flight and have been able to keep them in sight.

Now I have to carry on with my auction house binge though.  Vikund is closing in on level 77 at which point he will be able to get the Cold Weather Flying skill which will allow him to fly around Northrend.

Fortunately, the boosted flying speed makes harvesting ore in the Outlands just that much quicker.