The Reluctant R&D Agent

EVE Online has been having some database troubles of late, which has caused some off errors including, I hope, this one.

There is an R&D agent that I have been using for ages.  I went out to visit her the other day to collect datacores and found that she would no longer talk to me.

Now, you might ask if I had done something to mess up my standings with said agent, which is why I took this screen shot.

You can see that Evah Pomar is flagged as not available, but a higher quality agent from the same corporation is available.  Generally speaking, if my standing is high enough to talk to a level 3 quality 19 agent, then I should also be able to access another level 3 agent with a quality of -18.

Furthermore, she shows as available when I look at the Viziam Corporation agent listing.

So I was stuck.  My only option when speaking to her was to cancel my research.  But Evah appeared to be still accumulating research points for me, not to mention all the points I had banked away with her, so cancelling seemed like a bad idea.

What to do?  I let her be and I’ll check in on her next time I’m in the area and hope that CCP has fixed the issue.

9 thoughts on “The Reluctant R&D Agent

  1. Gunner

    Did you somehow lose standings with Viziam? For regular agents your faction standing, if higher than corp in an instance, can substitute in. R&D agents (I believe) require a certain amount of standing specifically with their corp.

    This doesn’t explain why you lost access in the first place, but does explain the higher quality guy being available.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I cannot recall doing anything that would hurt my standing with Viziam and I’ve done a few things that should have helped it.

    And, like I said, if I look at the list of R&D agents that are available to me from Viziam, she is on the list along with two others of even higher quality. So there is a bug in there somewhere.


  3. bluelinebasher

    I think Gunner is right — I think there is a corp faction requirement for R&D as well. Did someone get added to the corp to bring the average down?


  4. Reatu Krentor

    you can look at standing transactions to get an idea of what happened,
    go to your standings page in char sheet and right click the standings you want to investigate > show transactions.
    If that doesn’t show a negative entry for Viziam then it must be a bug somewhere that CCP will have to look into?


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Ah, cool! I think I knew about that at one point, but there is so much in EVE that I think I forget something old every time I learn something new at this point.

    There is only one transaction listed, a boost of 0.4778% for doing a courier mission for the corp.

    I’ll have to fly back and see if she’ll talk to me today.


  6. Gunner

    I think I found the solution. Fully explained here.

    If I understand correctly, CCP recently modified the way standings are affected by skills and this hits R&D agents especially hard. That guide has a lot of great info and even says how to fix the problem. Hope it helps!


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author


    There was something wrong with the URL you pasted in, it sent me to a 404 page, so I corrected it so it goes to the page you meant.

    And on reading that page, let me say again, “Ouch.”


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