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More Hellfire Heroics

We were short a Bung last Saturday night, a phrase that works on so many levels, so we had to postpone our planned outing to Drak’Tharon Keep.  So those of us remaining were looking for something to do.  Our foursome was:

75 Warrior – Earlthecat
75 Priest – Skronk
76 Mage – Ula
76 Paladin – Vikund

We didn’t know in advance that Bung was not going to make it, so we initially met up at the Drak’Tharon Keep stone.

Earl and Vikund at the stone

Earl and Vikund at the stone

Earl finally found a helm to replace his Tankatronic goggles, the Greathelm of the Unyielding Bull.

We hung around for a bit, waiting to see if Bung would show.  Eventually we all ended up as bunnies.

BFHBunnies01 BFHBunnies02 BFHBunnies03

Finally we decided to move on to other fun.

We thought we would look into the Outlands heroic instance scene again to see if we could pick up another achievement while doing something that would provide some challenge, but not too much, for a group of four.  We decided that since we had done Hellfire Ramparts as heroic last time, we should just move on to the next instance in line, which is The Blood Furnace.

Now, we’ve been there before.  We went there first over a year ago, back in the pre-achievement days of WoW.  Then we went for another visit a few weeks back to pick up the achievement, which was missing from our list, as part of another evenings “we’re short a player” fun runs.

The three of us having been through the instance so recently made it interesting to compare how the fights went.

We were a little more prepared for how tough the yard trash would be this time around.  Plus with Earl out front, a real tank who is spec’d and geared to tank, we were in a better position than last time when the retribution pally had to be the front man.

Thus showing due caution, we were able to make our way to the first boss, The Maker, and frankly through him, without much drama.  We thought perhaps as part of the heroic version of the battle, the guys in cells along The Maker’s room might come out and join the fight, but they seemed content watching from the sidelines.

That was it?  That's all you've got?

That was it? That's all you've got?

We moved along the corridors to the next boss, tackling groups of three or four as we went, along with the occasional stealthed rogue, until we got to Broggok‘s room.

This will be the third time we’ve done Broggok, and yet we always forget what happens when you pull the big lever at the end of the room.  The event starts and one by one those cells along the sides of the room open and the groups inside come out to attack you.  Only, in the heroic version, they are all level 70 elites.  Once again, this surprised us.

It surprised us enough that Ula, standing in the back, the direction from which the groups approach, got smoked by the first group out of the doors.  Yet we managed to hang on with the classic holy trinity of tank/healer/dps and made it through to Broggok and took him down.

Don't step in the green stuff

Don't step in the glowing green stuff

That just left us Keli’dan the Breaker to deal with.

Getting to him wasn’t an issue, but the fight itself proved to be a bit tough for us.

We managed to deal with his five helpers easily enough, but Keli’dan himself had a few new tricks up his sleeve.  That area attack he has, which was annoying in the normal version, turned deadly in the heroic version.  He emotes before he starts his wind up, but it also seems to pull the outlying players right to him.  The casters.  The people who that attack will one-shot.

The first fight was a disaster.  The second time around were doing okay, but got caught wrong by the AOE again and the party was over.  Finally, on the third fight we managed to hold it together and finish Keli’dan off, though I think we lost Ula during the fight to the same attack.  a 10K hit can be brutal.  But that was enough for the achievement.


As a side note, Earl did not have the regular Blood Furnace achievement, but you appear to get that as well when you get the heroic achievement.

Double Achievement

Double Achievement

And, for the loot oriented, the haul from the final boss.

Not all mail and leather this time!

Not all mail and leather this time!

Some stuff that would have been very nice pre-Lich King.  Well, the Primal Nether has its uses.

Which just leave the final victory shot.

Victory over the Keli'dan girl... or boy

Victory over the Keli'dan girl... or boy

And so wrapped up another instance night.  We will give Drak’Tharon Keep a try again next week if we have the full team.  If not, perhaps another heroic.

But if we’re going to do any more heroic instances, we might to need to do something about reputation.  We were lucky to all be honored with Honor Hold, so the flamwroght key was available.  And I know that at least Vikund is honored with the Cenarion Expidition, so the reservoir key is a possibility.  The other faction requirements we’ll have to look into.