NeuroSky MindSet

At the other end of the game control spectrum from Wii bowling balls, Scott Adams expressed his excitement in a post today about NeuroSky’s MindSet, a “brain-computer interface” that lets you control things on screen with just your mind.

One of the first apps, developed by Uncle Milton of Ant Farm fame, is Star Wars/Jedi related.  Use the force to… um… lift a ping pong ball!

Uncle Milton Force Trainer!

Uncle Milton Force Trainer!

Okay, maybe that isn’t so impressive.

Still, that seems a lot cooler than jumping around playing pit crew with the whole Microsoft Project Natal thing.

Anything that keeps our collective asses planted firmly on the couch has got to be a winner.

How long before I can cast a fireball in World of Warcraft with my mind?

3 thoughts on “NeuroSky MindSet

  1. We Fly Spitfires

    @Hudson LOL :)

    RE: the force ping pong ball thing… kinda quirky but how much fun will it be?

    I’m actually forward to the PS3 motion control things more. I loved the combat and archery I saw with it – I could easily imagine that working with a MMORPG.


  2. dave

    I have been madly looking forward to this technology since I read about the beginning of it’s development over 10 years ago. It’s thinks like this that completely turn my crank. (not the pin pong part, just the concept of mind controlled devices)


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