I Like WoW Pets, But Not That Much

The latest attempt to milk the World of Warcraft license comes from Figure Prints, which is now has 3D models of three of the in-game companion pets up for sale.

Pets for a Price

Pets for a Price

I can appreciate their offer to sell you a 3D sculpture of your WoW character.   Although I am not keen enough on them to put down the $130 to have any of my characters immortalized in resin, I can see the appeal. (At least you don’t have to enter the lottery I mentioned back in November to get one made these days.)

But to drop another $25 to have a companion pet in tow on your bookshelf or desk, I just can’t get there.

And this is just Series 1 and is available only through July 31st, at which point I am going to guess we’ll see Series 2.  Bets on which three companion pets that will contain?  I am going to guess it will be Mr. Wiggles, Pengu, and the Worg Pup.

6 thoughts on “I Like WoW Pets, But Not That Much

  1. Shawndra

    I got a little excited when I saw pets on the Figureprints ad, but then when I noticed they were non-combat pets, I was a bit perturbed. How many people who play hunters would like to be immortalized with their pet at their side? If I were to put my hunter in a print, I would want her spirit beast by her side, not some silly skunk.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Exactly! If I was going to invest in the character statue and had chosen a hunter, I would throw down the extra cash to get the main pet. What is a hunter without a pet?

    But for a resin statue of Speedy? Hrmm… no.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Ska – The EVE Battleships are $124.99 each, so a bit more than our friend Speedy and his friends up there.

    And looking at the ad I was reminded of what I’ll call “Tobold’s Complaint,” the fact that the pricing pegs the Euro/Dollar exchange rate at about $1.07 to $1.09 per Euro when the current exchange rate is more like $1.40 per Euro. Shipping and tax are not included in that price, so they appear to have just chosen a number that sounds good. I can understand building in some margin to cover fluctuations in exchange rate, but getting beyond 20% seems a bit excessive.

    Then again, the usual form seems to be to charge the same number whether it be Euros or Dollars, so perhaps they should be applauded?


  4. We Fly Spitfires

    I like the idea of getting a WoW characture figurine (the reason I haven’t done it is because my gear sucks… pity you can’t pick anything from the gear library) but getting a pet made? Hmmm. Limited appeal maybe.


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