Shut Up We’re Talking #50

Shut Up We’re Talking,” one of the podcasts in the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective, celebrates its 50th show this week!

Regular hosts Darren from The Common Sense Gamer and Karen from Journey’s with Jaye were joined by Brent, the reclusive Howard Hughes father figure of the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective, Michael Zenke, formerly of Massively and who is now working on fun stuff as part of the SOE team in Austin, Jonathan from the “Through the Aftermath” podcast, and myself.


  • Introductions – Includes a poem from Karen to celebrate the 50th show/second year of SUWT
  • Listener Mail – From SmakenDahed and DestroyerDestroyer
  • What We’re Playing
  • Changing of the Guard at Mythic – We talk about the departure of Mark Jacobs from Mythic and EA as well as the return of Brad McQuaid to the spotlight.  Jonathan has a cathartic rant about the latter while I generalize about the former, referencing an excellent Scott Jennings post.
  • RMT Again – We then go on, again, about RMT and alternative subscription models in light of the major changes with Dungeons & Dragons Online and the release of Free Realms.  We’re mostly excited about the DDO changes, but that is coming from people who see buying D&D modules as a natural part of life.
  • Blog of the weekOf Teeth and Claws, go give it a visit.
  • Show Close
  • Out Takes – Michael runs amok

You can get the show via iTunes of download it directly here!

Congratulations to the SUWT team for 50 great shows!