Daily Archives: June 30, 2009

June in Review

The Site

Is it the end of June already?  I know that time flying is a cliche and all, but this month only seemed like it had about 12 days in it.

The only thing I really did to the site was ad something to the right side bar (way down at the bottom) the shows the national flags of the visitors to the site.  It is silly, but it intrigues me to know that somebody from the Faroe Islands visited my blog. (Hey, can you get me Sunleif Rasmussen‘s autograph?)

You even get little “dings” for a new visitor or, even better, a new flag!

Hello Bangledesh!

Hello Bangladesh!

Yes, I am easily amused.  But I play MMOs, so that was probably apparent to some already.

The title on this side bar addition, “Release Flags of All Nations!” is something that Potshot says once in a while when we’re doing something memorable in the instance group, like unloading on some boss with every possible attack at our disposal.  Now who gets the reference?

Other than that, I ended up getting a pile of page views from a pair of sites called Condron and Alphainventions.  I cannot tell if they just offer a gimmick to drive up page views or if there is something worthwhile about the sites.  You can just go to either site and watch blog posts flick by every few seconds.  Relaxing in a way, I suppose.

One Year Ago

The big news a year back was Blizzard announcing Diablo III.  Of course, the really big news will come when they announce a ship date.  Still, we were all primed for the announcement, there having been a surge in Diablo II nostalgia at the time.

The Empyrean Age was upon us in EVE Online, if you could stay logged in.  CCP went looking for a fix and found one eventually.  When I could get a break on connectivity I went out to try a factional warfare mission.  It did not go well.  After that I moved back to Amarr space again and started in on level 4 missions.  And while that was going on, the skill point meter rolled over to 20 million.

Meanwhile, around the house, Summer began and it found us playing with LEGO and Pokemons.

Norrath was calling as SOE launched their huge Living Legacy marketing campaign.  I picked up some nifty stuff in EverQuest, but never really got rolling with EverQuest II during the promotion.  Of course, not everybody was happy about the campaign.  The phrase “a slap in the face” was used by some. I never got around to a post about that involving the prodigal son (I still have the notes) though I did wonder what sparked this campaign.

And in Azeroth the instance group struggled through the Mana Tombs and started in on the Auchenai Crypts.  We were struggling, this being long before the great re-spec of 2009.

New Linking Sites

A veritable land rush of new linking sites appeared this month.  Well, compared to last month.  I am going to save a few for next month, since I have noticed that the more I list in a post like this the less the sites in question get visited.

Thank you!  I encourage people to go take a look at these sites.

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Search Term of the Month

ancient sewer
[You have been here before I see.]

Spam Comments of the Month

[Nearly fooled me into approving since most comments with spam links are very positive in tone.]

Tired of a competitor’s site? Hinder the enemy? Fed pioneers or copywriters?
Kill their sites! How? We will help you in this!
Obstructions of any site, portal, shop!
[Denial of service attacks, only $70 per 24 hours.  You can buy anything on the internet!]

EVE Online

It has been something of a slow month for me in EVE Online.  Training goes on as well as lining up the capital for the w-space venture.  Fortunately I spent a chunk of time in May stocking up my inventory for sale, so there has been a reasonable amount of cash coming while I’ve been idle.

On the other hand, Gaff has had some tales to tell about 0.0 space, a couple of which he has actually posted, so I have kept my hand in somewhat vicariously.

World of Warcraft

WoW was the only game I spent much time with over the last month.  The instance group kept up weekly appearances in Azeroth.  And though we have been down a person lately, we still find ways to get in trouble as a foursome.

As for my other regular group, my mother and daughter, we have… erm… breadth and depth I suppose.  My mom has one character almost to 50 and another holding around the 40 mark waiting for my daughter to catch up.  My daughter though… she won’t focus on one character.  She keeps making alts.  She runs off to other servers.  It all sounds vaguely familiar.  It all sounds like the way I used to play.  Now is it nature or nurture that is causing that?

Nintendo DS

Our daughter was banned from TV and the computer for a week after going Veruca Salt on my wife.  After most of a day went by she realized that the DS had not been put in time out as well, so out came the Pokemon.  Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and Pokemon Diamond seemed to be the three favorites for the week, though I heard the bark of Nintendogs and the whir of the blender in Cooking Mama as well.  I had to get out my own DS to do some battles with her.  Oddly enough, Pokemon Platinum was low on the list.  In the MMO spirit, she is more invested in Diamond so isn’t so keen to move on.

Coming Up

I suspect that July will be a light month for me when it comes to posts.  We have a vacation planned plus work is very busy.  There is a correlation between my planning vacation time and work suddenly getting hectic.  It is somehow related to the rule that says I should always plan my vacations on the first product ship date we target, since history shows we will never ship on that date.

Anyway, I will keep the weekly instance group posts going.  The log of our weekly exploits and foibles is one of the cornerstones of the site.