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Wii Bowling Ball

Brought to my attention via The Register, it seems that CTA Digital, taking the pursuit of Wii Sports realism a bit too far, has created a Wii remote attachment available in the form of a bowling ball.

Bowling for... what exactly?

Bowling for... what exactly?

You put your Wii remote in the ball and… well, I’ll use their description:

Once the remote is set inside, plug the three holes with your fingers, as you would a bowling ball. Lastly, make sure to wear the wrist strap securely around your wrist, this will prevent the ball from accidently flying out of your hand, and you are ready to bowl virtual strikes like a Pro!

How you actually use the controls through the three holes is a bit difficult for me to visualize.

What is not difficult to visualize however is that Wii remote bowling ball flying across the room and striking your TV, Wii, or anything else down range.  There is no doubt that CTA Digital has had that same mental image given some of the wording in their product description.

CTA Digital, Inc. will NOT be liable for any damage to your TV, home appliances, and/or accidents caused by these accessories.


Still, you have to hand it to the team at CTA Digital for trying to bring back some of the early thrill of Wii gaming by coming up with a device that is bound to go flying across the room!

Now about that Wii Fit skateboard attachment….

Drak’Tharon for Keeps

After another side trip to the Outlands last week, we were ready again to assail another instance in Northrend.  Our target for the night was Drak’Tharon Keep, and out line up was:

75 Warrior – Earlthecat
76 Priest – Skronk
76 Warlock – Bungholio
76 Mage – Ula
76 Paladin – Vikund

Drak’Tharon was a troll keep at one time, but now the scourge appear to have taken it over.  Reminiscent of Gnomeregan, as you approach the instance, an endless stream of Drakkari trolls can be seen fleeing the area.  They materialize just shy of the summoning stone outside of the instance and run down the steps and into the woods, where they disappear.  While their names are in red, they do not appear to be aggro and will just run past alliance players.

We spent a little bit of time with the now familiar “too many instances” issue, but were able to get our own version of the keep after about a minute of jumping in and out of the entrance swirl.  Once in we got our first look at the decor.

Vikund has been eating those pirate treats again

Vikund has been eating those pirate treats again

There being undead and the like running around meant that Skronk and Vikund were on crowd control patrol for some parts of the instance.

We did not have to go far to get to the first boss, Trollgore.  He appears to be locked in his own little battle when you show up.  But you don’t have to wait, you can step to the front of the line.  The fight with him was not very dramatic.  In fact, it was rather straight forward, barring the other NPCs running around during the fight, and we did him in pretty quickly.

Trollgore down

Trollgore down

He dropped a very nice weapon for Vikund, the Troll Butcherer, a 2 handed sword that was considerably better than the mace Vik was carrying.  Vikund’s 2 handed sword skill was only about 100, so he had some work to do before he could use if effectively, but that would come in time.

From Trollgore we moved into an area of spiders.  They were easy enough.  We decided to go after the struggling forms bound in spider webs in the room and were rewarded with a quest update.  Some of us had done a few of the lead-in quests for the instance, but had not really been paying attention.  Our usual formula of leaving no potential witnesses stood us in good stead.  The quest update sent us off to kill the next boss, Novos the Sommoner, who was conveniently just in the next room.

Novos, not yet summoning

Novos, not yet summoning

We suspected that, with the suffix, Novos might have some special tricks up his sleeve.  But we’re always game to just go after a boss on the first run just to see what he does.  What Novos does is put up a shield that makes him immune to damage and call in the cavalry.  Before we could adjust, we were down.

Novos, shielded, summoning, and kililng us dead

Novos, shielded, summoning, and kililng us dead

We had seen a similar routine with Elder Nadox back in Ahn’kahet, so we figured it was time to concentrate on the adds and see what developed.  Sure enough, once in a while an add would come along that would, upon dying, turn off one of the four crystals around Novos.  These seemed to be the power behind his shield.  Soon enough Novos was without his shield and we stepped in and finished him off.

That let us move along and outside to possibly the largest raptor model I have ever seen in the game, a brute by the name of King Dred.  KD has his own herd of smaller, but still elite, raptors hanging around.  A raptor posse, if you will.  We cleared out some of the nearer small raptors then took on KD.  And at that point we found out that he calls on his little friends during the fight, which tipped things in his favor.

We came back after the wipe and finished clearing things out and went after him again.  Things went much more smoothly without additional raptors howing up mid-fight.

King Dred now King Dead

King Dred now King Dead

King Dred dropped another good item for the group, the Stable Master’s Breeches, a caster item coveted by all of our cloth wearers.  A roll off sent this new piece Skronk’s way.

After King Dred we were climbing stairs, headed towards the top of the instance where the last boss lives.  After clearing out the way, we ended up withing reach of The Prophet Tharon’ja, the last fight in the instance.

Up the stairs awaits The Prophet

Up the stairs awaits The Prophet

We got ourselves squared away and Skronk did a ready check to see if we were a go.

The ready check generally startles Ula and puts her in a fighting mood.  We all said yes, so in we went.

The fight was fun, maybe one of the most enjoyable fights we’ve had in a while.  Every so often during the fight, Tharon’ja calls out and turns the whole party into undead.  Everybody so affected gets a new, limited set of attacks on their quick bar while the effect lasts.

This did not seem to degrade our ability to fight by much, nor did it make us much more vulnerable, so we just ran with it and chased him around looking like a bunch of skeletons.

We're undead while Tharon'ja is mortal

We're undead while Tharon'ja is mortal

Fun is fun, but eventually the fight came to a close with all of us standing and Tharon’ja down.  And when the main boss goes down, the achievement comes up.

So there we stood again at the end of another instance with main boss down and some loot nobody really wanted.  Muradin’s Lost Greaves were not bad, but neither were they an upgrade for Earl or Vik.

The Prophet Defeated

The Prophet Defeated

And so we wrapped it up.  The way out of the instance was around the back of Tharon’ja’s high seat, the now somewhat common jump down in to a conveniently placed body of water.  Not a bad night all told.  There were a couple of decent equipment drops for once, plus Ula and Vikund hit level 77 along the way.  Vik just has to get out and practice with that new blade.

The next instance on the list is Violet Hold in Dalaran.  We’ll see if my “crash in Dalaran” issue will allow us to actually get into the instance.

About That Barn Door

I have broken with the long standing American tradition of closing the barn door only after the horse has bolted.

Previously, when I was signing up with I noticed that my account was also good for the Blizzard Store.  How convenient, I guess.  So I went leafing through the store and ended up on the page for the Blizzard Authenticator.  It was only $6.50 and I have read enough tales of people, even quite bright people, getting their account hacked one way or another, so I decided to buck the trend and get the authenticator BEFORE something like that happened to me.

Weird, I know.  But now I have one.

Blizzard Authenticator

Blizzard Authenticator

The unit has an overlay on it with what appears to be a Terran Marine, the Lich King, and something that might be Diablo related, but which looks more like a rather ugly minotaur to me.  Not that minotaurs and Diablo are mutually exclusive, but they certainly don’t leap to mind when I think of the Diablo games.  Or it could be something else.  In any case, I take this as an indication that I will be able to use this unit with upcoming Blizzard games.  Well, that and the fact that I need the authenticator to access my account as well as WoW.

As the blurb on the Blizzard site says, it is pretty durable.  I have had it on my key chain and in my pocket for a few weeks now and it hasn’t been damaged yet.

Initially it came with a piece of adhesive plastic over the front, the way that so many electronic devices do these days.  This particular piece was stuck on so well that at first I thought it was part of the actual unit.  So when my keys dug a groove in the cover on the first day, straight through where the numbers show up making it tough to read, I was a little annoyed.  Eventually though I was able to separate the temporary protective cover from the actual authenticator.  The picture above is sans cover.

Size wise, it fits in well enough with the other items on my key chain.  It is a bit smaller than the remote entry fob for my Toyota and the who key mechanism for the wife’s Honda.

On the key chain

On the key chain

Using it is simple enough.  It is from Vasco, who makes a lot of such units.  It looks and operates very much like units we have at the office from time to time when we have to do work on secure customer networks.

With WoW, you log in as usual, then are asked for an authentication code in a separate window.  I tend to not stray too far from my key chain, or my key chain tends to not stray far from my computer in any case, so it hasn’t been much of a bother.  The only issue I ever have is that I tend to play in the dark and the unit is not lit in any way, so I end up having to read it off of the light from the monitor.

Once in a rare moment I log in right on the time boundary when the code changes and have to enter a fresh code.  But I am much more likely to make a typo entering the code than to hit that moment just right.

Having adjusted quickly to the extra security when logging into WoW, I wouldn’t mind having a similar device for other games, especially EVE Online.

Actually, what I would really like is a universal device that could be used with other games.  That seems unlikely to happen, at least in the near future.

Of course now I worry about losing the damn thing.

Not that this is the top worry in my mind, what with the economy and being a parent and so forth.  But it is a worry, about on the level of worrying about dropping something in the toilet if the lid has been left up.  Around our house we’re more likely to have a cat fall in the toilet if the lid is left up (one kitten dunked so far, and Oscar has fallen in a couple times over the years), but it has happened on occasion.  And I do tend to take care of things that have value.  I used to get a new watch about once a year because I would either break or lose the old one.  Then I bought an expensive watch and have been wearing it for the last 23 years.

I’ll probably end up dropping my keychain in the toilet now that I have written this.  Or my watch.  Or both.

I wonder if the authenticator is water resistant?  I know the watch is.

And how long will the battery last on the unit?  And will I end up playing WoW long enough to care?

Making Up with Eveh Pomar

Last week I mentioned that one of the R&D agents which which I work in EVE Online had become oddly reluctant to speak to me.

Everything looked okay.  I had been using her as an R&D agent for some time.  My standing with her corporation, Viziam, was good.  When I checked the corporation agent list, she was flagged as available.  But when I flew out to her station, I was greeted with this:

In resonse to my post I was given some tips to check if I had done anything to hurt my standings.  Reatu Krentor suggested going to my standings page on my character sheet, right clicking on Viziam, and selecting “show transactions” to see if there was anything recent that would have negatively affected my standings.  There wasn’t anything.

Then Gunner came up with a web site about R&D agent standings that had an ominous quote from Apocrypha 1.2 patch notes.

Standings will now be calculated and displayed correctly when Connections and Diplomacy are applied to any character.

So there apparently was some change recently.

I went through the page which had a number of ways to check if your agent relationship was affected by this change.  But none of them seemed to apply.  Things just were not adding up.

So over the weekend I went back to the station where Eveh Pomar was based and saw this:

She was available to me again at the station.  I bought my datacores.  Did my little daily mission with her.  And then went on my way.

Database anomaly?  Station fever?  Space madness?  Feminine issues?  I have no idea why she stopped talking to me and I have no idea why she started back up again.

Mysteries of New Eden I guess.

Mount Up Sooner, Race Through the Outlands

You’re not leveling fast enough.

Okay, maybe you are, but it appears that some of us are not.

That seems to be a plausible explanation for some of Blizzard’s plans for the upcoming 3.2 patch.

Specifically, I mean the changes to mounts and travel reported over at and discussed on various blogs.

Mount availability:

  • 60% land mount at level 20, 4 gold to train, 1 gold for the mount
  • 100% land mount at level 40, 50 gold to train, 10 gold for the mount
  • 150% flying mount (boosted from 60%) at level 60, 600 gold to train, 50 gold for the mount
  • 280% flying mount at level 70, 5000 gold to train, 100 gold for the mount

And, with the 3.2 patch, faction discounts will apply to all purchases.  Previously flying mounts and the skills for them had no faction discount option.

In addition, other travel related skills, like druid travel forms, will be aligned with the above changes.  I haven’t seen what they are going to do about Pally and Warlock mounts, which are only available via quests that take a couple of trips to Scholomance, plus some other running about, to accomplish.  But I imagine those mounts will move to the NPC dispenser model.  It would be nice if you could tell the difference, if you could see who got their mount the old fashioned way and who used the newer model, but I doubt we’ll get that.

And finally, according to, on the list of travel bennies planned for the 3.2 patch, they are going to put a portal in Stormwind and Orgrimmar to haul your epic mounted backsides straight to the Stair of Destiny in the Outlands, thus removing your need to travel to the Blasted Lands and walk through the portal the old fashioned way.

From the stairs you will be able to fly directly to either Honor Hold or Thrallmar then train for and purchase your level 60 flying mount.

All of this seems to be generally aimed at getting people around faster to get them leveled up and into the current content, and specifically to get people through the Outlands as fast as possible.

Seriously, short of lowering the experience curve again, what is going to move you along quicker than being able to fly directly to your quest objective, avoiding the yard trash, and then straight back to the quest giver?

On the other hand, I don’t see anything drastically wrong with these changes.  Certainly my daughter was cheering at the idea of getting a faster mount at level 40.  And I have my own pile of level 40-ish characters who will probably get the speed boost.

And, for a first mount, level 20 isn’t a bad plan.  It would certainly make that haul from Auberdine to Desolace, or even that first run across the Wetlands for the flight point, much more bearable.

As for flying, despite the fact that this will take the challenge out of a lot of quests, it will close a huge and annoying gap in flying progressions.  Currently, you work you way to level 70, get your flying mount, then move on to Northrend where you have to wait another 7 levels before you can use it.  At least now you’ll get to experience flying, one of the more liberating methods of travel an MMO can offer, for 10 full levels.  And if you’re like me, you won’t accumulate enough cash to buy that epic flying mount until you’re almost able to use it in Northrend.

I will be interested to see what this change really does to the Outlands.  On my server, the Burning Crusades zones are pretty sparsely populated, at least for WoW.  Will this change encourage more alts?  Will the Outlands get busier for a time?

What Would You Do for a Pet in WoW?

I won’t, for example, buy the collectors edition of the game just to get a pet.  I also won’t buy a bunch of collectible trading cards in the hopes of getting a pet… or even one such card off of eBay as a sure thing.  Or is it just mounts you can get from those cards?

Apparently though, I will give PepsiCo my real name, address (postal and email), and date  of birth for a pet in WoW.

You see, PepsiCo, specifically its Mountain Dew… erm… Mtn Dew brand… and Blizzard have a cross-promotion going this summer.

It is a contest.  You can win prizes, anything from a T-shirt to a gaming laptop.  You can earn tokens which will, in turn, increase you chance of winning prizes.

I could even download a banner to put here that, when you clicked on it, would award me even more tokens.  But I won’t.

Blizzard has a FAQ up about it, though it doesn’t answer the magic question of who is paying whom for this promotion.

And because Mtn Dew is involved, you can drink some truly awful soda.

Neither health nor mana here

Neither health nor mana here

At least that is my opinion of the Mtn Dew Game Fuel flavors they have come up with for this promotion.

They are red and blue to look like health and mana potions.  Or maybe to represent Horde and Alliance.  I guess those are red and blue too, though when I see red liquid in a bottle, I think “health potion” not “for the horde!”

I had hoped against hope that PepsiCo would just use their Code Red formula for their red drink.  I like Code Red.  It is like a caffeinated Shirley Temple, which is about my speed.  Put it in a dirty barkeep!

Alas, it was not to be and they produced something that tastes like they dumped some canned orange juice into some perfectly good Code Red and ruined it.

As for the blue flavor… well… I have never had a really good experience with a soda of that color.  Snow Cones, Otter Pops, and, once, even an interesting blue gellato have been fine.  But sodas?  I once nursed a 16 oz. bottle of blue cream soda for three weeks, drinking it one sip at a time, because one sip was all I could take.  It was a good sip, but I was done after one.  I think I threw almost half the bottle out after the three weeks.  And that was my best blue soda experience ever.  So I’m not keen give the mana potion… erm… alliance potion a try.

But to get the pet you don’t even have to drink the soda.

All you have to do is register for the whole promotion at the Mtn Dew Game Fuel promotion site and click on a little button to claim claim your Battle-bot pet.  That is what I did.  Once you follow the steps, they mail the bot to all of the characters on your account.

Pets by Mail

Pets by Mail

Of course, then you have to go back to the site every day and click on the button to get fuel for you battle bot.  You can choose either red or blue fuel.  When you pick a fuel and fill up your Battle-bot, it will automatically fight and Battle-bots that show up with the other fuel color, much the way the Clockwork Rocket Bot will engage any other such bot that shows up.

Red fueled bots waiting for a blue fueled victim

Red fueled bots waiting for a blue fueled victim

And, like the Clockwork Rocket Bot, the fights are over pretty quick.

But the Clockwork Rocket Bot works over and over, while the Battle-bot needs to be refueled after it dies or is dismissed, and you can only pick up five units of fuel a day.  And, Battle-bot fuel will only be available until the promotion ends, which it is scheduled to do on August 20th of this year.

Still, it is another pet towards that 50 pet achievement.  18 more to go with plenty to look into.

[Addendum: Since I wrote this up I have seen some one on one Battle-bot fights go on for quite a while, so they aren’t all quite as instant as the Clockwork Rocket Bot fights are.]

More Hellfire Heroics

We were short a Bung last Saturday night, a phrase that works on so many levels, so we had to postpone our planned outing to Drak’Tharon Keep.  So those of us remaining were looking for something to do.  Our foursome was:

75 Warrior – Earlthecat
75 Priest – Skronk
76 Mage – Ula
76 Paladin – Vikund

We didn’t know in advance that Bung was not going to make it, so we initially met up at the Drak’Tharon Keep stone.

Earl and Vikund at the stone

Earl and Vikund at the stone

Earl finally found a helm to replace his Tankatronic goggles, the Greathelm of the Unyielding Bull.

We hung around for a bit, waiting to see if Bung would show.  Eventually we all ended up as bunnies.

BFHBunnies01 BFHBunnies02 BFHBunnies03

Finally we decided to move on to other fun.

We thought we would look into the Outlands heroic instance scene again to see if we could pick up another achievement while doing something that would provide some challenge, but not too much, for a group of four.  We decided that since we had done Hellfire Ramparts as heroic last time, we should just move on to the next instance in line, which is The Blood Furnace.

Now, we’ve been there before.  We went there first over a year ago, back in the pre-achievement days of WoW.  Then we went for another visit a few weeks back to pick up the achievement, which was missing from our list, as part of another evenings “we’re short a player” fun runs.

The three of us having been through the instance so recently made it interesting to compare how the fights went.

We were a little more prepared for how tough the yard trash would be this time around.  Plus with Earl out front, a real tank who is spec’d and geared to tank, we were in a better position than last time when the retribution pally had to be the front man.

Thus showing due caution, we were able to make our way to the first boss, The Maker, and frankly through him, without much drama.  We thought perhaps as part of the heroic version of the battle, the guys in cells along The Maker’s room might come out and join the fight, but they seemed content watching from the sidelines.

That was it?  That's all you've got?

That was it? That's all you've got?

We moved along the corridors to the next boss, tackling groups of three or four as we went, along with the occasional stealthed rogue, until we got to Broggok‘s room.

This will be the third time we’ve done Broggok, and yet we always forget what happens when you pull the big lever at the end of the room.  The event starts and one by one those cells along the sides of the room open and the groups inside come out to attack you.  Only, in the heroic version, they are all level 70 elites.  Once again, this surprised us.

It surprised us enough that Ula, standing in the back, the direction from which the groups approach, got smoked by the first group out of the doors.  Yet we managed to hang on with the classic holy trinity of tank/healer/dps and made it through to Broggok and took him down.

Don't step in the green stuff

Don't step in the glowing green stuff

That just left us Keli’dan the Breaker to deal with.

Getting to him wasn’t an issue, but the fight itself proved to be a bit tough for us.

We managed to deal with his five helpers easily enough, but Keli’dan himself had a few new tricks up his sleeve.  That area attack he has, which was annoying in the normal version, turned deadly in the heroic version.  He emotes before he starts his wind up, but it also seems to pull the outlying players right to him.  The casters.  The people who that attack will one-shot.

The first fight was a disaster.  The second time around were doing okay, but got caught wrong by the AOE again and the party was over.  Finally, on the third fight we managed to hold it together and finish Keli’dan off, though I think we lost Ula during the fight to the same attack.  a 10K hit can be brutal.  But that was enough for the achievement.


As a side note, Earl did not have the regular Blood Furnace achievement, but you appear to get that as well when you get the heroic achievement.

Double Achievement

Double Achievement

And, for the loot oriented, the haul from the final boss.

Not all mail and leather this time!

Not all mail and leather this time!

Some stuff that would have been very nice pre-Lich King.  Well, the Primal Nether has its uses.

Which just leave the final victory shot.

Victory over the Keli'dan girl... or boy

Victory over the Keli'dan girl... or boy

And so wrapped up another instance night.  We will give Drak’Tharon Keep a try again next week if we have the full team.  If not, perhaps another heroic.

But if we’re going to do any more heroic instances, we might to need to do something about reputation.  We were lucky to all be honored with Honor Hold, so the flamwroght key was available.  And I know that at least Vikund is honored with the Cenarion Expidition, so the reservoir key is a possibility.  The other faction requirements we’ll have to look into.

The Reluctant R&D Agent

EVE Online has been having some database troubles of late, which has caused some off errors including, I hope, this one.

There is an R&D agent that I have been using for ages.  I went out to visit her the other day to collect datacores and found that she would no longer talk to me.

Now, you might ask if I had done something to mess up my standings with said agent, which is why I took this screen shot.

You can see that Evah Pomar is flagged as not available, but a higher quality agent from the same corporation is available.  Generally speaking, if my standing is high enough to talk to a level 3 quality 19 agent, then I should also be able to access another level 3 agent with a quality of -18.

Furthermore, she shows as available when I look at the Viziam Corporation agent listing.

So I was stuck.  My only option when speaking to her was to cancel my research.  But Evah appeared to be still accumulating research points for me, not to mention all the points I had banked away with her, so cancelling seemed like a bad idea.

What to do?  I let her be and I’ll check in on her next time I’m in the area and hope that CCP has fixed the issue.

That Game I Was Playing

Friday’s post got more of a response than I expected.  It was just something I wrote on a whim.

I am declaring this the stopping point for the poll.  I won’t delete the poll itself, but I am doing my count now.

The results as of this post are:


There were varied attempts at logic in answering this question.  One of my favorites was the claim that if my response from the company arrived in “many hours” it couldn’t have been EQII as that would have required several days.

Somebody else decided that, since I was currently only playing EVE and WoW, it had to be one of those games.  But I did not say the event happened recently.  In fact, it happened a while back.  Still, with that logic did their answer did end up in the “right action/wrong reason” quadrant of the decision matrix.

But most people took the bait and chose EVE Online.  It is, after all, that bad game where your ship can get blown up and you can get scammed by other players.

Which, as some people rightly suspected, was probably related to some point I was trying to make.

The correct answer, which came in second place, was World of Warcraft.  In fact, the event in question was something I mentioned in a post a few months back. (Minor congrats to Spinks for mentioning the right zone!)

The summary is that while doing the Defias Traitor escort quest in Westfall a group of high level horde players were standing along the route, just meters before the end point, and killing the traitor before the quest could be completed.   Once the traitor is killed, the quest cannot be completed and must be abandoned.

Annoyed by this, I submitted a ticket.  The response came back that the Defias Traitor is flagged PvP so the horde players can kill him all they want, thank you for playing WoW, please let me know if there is anything else with which they can assist.

In a way this amuses me.

People complain about the harsh reality of EVE, but I face player griefing a lot more frequently in WoW, especially in low level zones.  There are reasons for this, of course.

First, the way the Azeroth is laid out relative to the population, you spend a lot more time in close proximity to other players.  It is a rare location in WoW where you don’t have somebody else close by. (The exception being the Outlands, which are rather dead of late.  All the better for my harvesting activities though!)

While in EVE, out where I am generally based, I might only see one or two other players over a couple hours of time.  And even when in a trading hub, only a dozen or so might be visible, in their ships.  And even then, ships passing are like… well… ships passing.  You tend not to wave or make small talk unless you see somebody you know.

Second, my tolerance for being griefed, and even my definition of what constitutes being griefed, is wildly different in the two games.

WoW is a shiny, happy, amusement park and when a bunch of surly teens start wrecking the fun for other people, it gets on my nerves pretty quickly.  I expect Blizzard to keep that sort of thing to a minimum.  But this happy, amusement park-like feeling also seems to let some people’s sense of responsibility off the hook.  They can bounce off the walls, get in your face, and generally make things unpleasant and there isn’t much you can do about it without going to Blizzard.

EVE is a rather more harsh virtual reality, being a PvP based game.  So somebody coming into a mission I am running in a low sec system and blowing up my ship… or somebody just blowing me up on general principles in a low sec system… is just part of the game.  CCP isn’t there to shepherd your enjoyment or make sure nobody takes advantage of you.  Ignorance gets punished pretty harshly, so you ignore the tutorials for things like contracts at your peril.

Does that mean I am happy when I lose a ship, get a jet can flipped, or have somebody try to con me? (And I am told you aren’t anybody until you’ve been hit up for the Goonswarm initiation fee scam.)  No, I am not happy.  But I can accept that this is part of the game.  Doing something wrong just has a more tangible price in EVE.

So what is the point of all of this?

Well, really, there was none.  I just wanted to see how many people would vote for EVE.

But, since I have gotten this far, I feel compelled to get this all summed up in a handy package you can take home with you.  And what more could be more appropriate way to do that than another poll?

Call it “Choose your own moral to the story!”

Tell me how it turns out or add your own summary to the comments.