Daily Archives: July 6, 2009

For Want of a Horse…

Darren’s post about the Runes of Magic $10 horse certainly echoed through the local blogesphere.

RMT is still controversial.  It still seems like cheating to some.  But then I came from a time when posting quest details to a public forum was considered cheating, so times change.

Comments ran from Keen’s call for more people to “join the anti-RMT/microtransaction initiative” to Andrew’s post on Of Teeth and Claws stating that this is “an example of RMT implemented correctly.”

Darren thinks there is a simple answer, which runs along the lines of “if you buy the horse, you’re an idiot.” (The horse is a lie!)

Tobold’s response somewhat echoes my own sentiments on the topic, which was pretty much “Everything is relative.”  I’m with Potshot, I’d plunk down cash for an epic flyer in WoW for my alt, but I couldn’t tell you what my price point is.  I can tell you that the epic flyer, in and of itself, is a lot of fun as well as being a heck of a time saver.

Meanwhile Beau jumped on a single sentence in this discussion and built a post around people needing to play item store financed games before they say such things. (Though he only used the term “e-peen” once.)

How about you?  Would you consider buying that $10 permanent horse?

(I will add any “other” answers to the comments.  Figured out how to see them finally.)