Daily Archives: July 8, 2009

Fleeting Fabulousness

The sixty day timer ran out on my box-on-the-shelf version of EVE Online.  So I had to make the decision whether to keep Reynaldo Fabulous in space or not.

Hot shot hauler pilot to be!

Keep me in coach!

I had intended him to be my Iteron V hauler pilot when I started him off.  However, an odd turn of events with the new player “double speed” skill training meant I had to delay one of the big skills or throw away 500K of double speed training.

So I started him on one of the other critical paths for any industrial character.  I got him working towards flying a Hulk.  He got within five days of flying the prime mining ship in the game.

And then I had to make the decision on whether to keep him going or not.  I decided not to renew him for the time being.

It is not so much that he isn’t useful.  He has a retriever mining barge and I got him out with the rest of the group on a couple of occasions to mine.  He helped clear out the huge veldspar field that is present in the mission Recon – Part 1.

My little fleet at work

My little fleet at work

And his contribution was not inconsiderable.  He could bring in ore at about 35% the rate of my main mining character who flies a Hulk and has all the related skills at level V.

But I am in a bit of an EVE slump currently.  I have not fired a missile in anger nor burned an asteroid with a mining laser in nearly a month.  My characters are all on long skills.  Things have been very quiet.

So with that being the state of affairs, I let Reynaldo’s account lapse.  Should I need a Hulk pilot, I know I one that is just five days away.  Until then he will be resting in the station, waiting for his time.

And so another tale of Reynaldo Fabulous gets cut short.