Fleeting Fabulousness

The sixty day timer ran out on my box-on-the-shelf version of EVE Online.  So I had to make the decision whether to keep Reynaldo Fabulous in space or not.

Hot shot hauler pilot to be!

Keep me in coach!

I had intended him to be my Iteron V hauler pilot when I started him off.  However, an odd turn of events with the new player “double speed” skill training meant I had to delay one of the big skills or throw away 500K of double speed training.

So I started him on one of the other critical paths for any industrial character.  I got him working towards flying a Hulk.  He got within five days of flying the prime mining ship in the game.

And then I had to make the decision on whether to keep him going or not.  I decided not to renew him for the time being.

It is not so much that he isn’t useful.  He has a retriever mining barge and I got him out with the rest of the group on a couple of occasions to mine.  He helped clear out the huge veldspar field that is present in the mission Recon – Part 1.

My little fleet at work

My little fleet at work

And his contribution was not inconsiderable.  He could bring in ore at about 35% the rate of my main mining character who flies a Hulk and has all the related skills at level V.

But I am in a bit of an EVE slump currently.  I have not fired a missile in anger nor burned an asteroid with a mining laser in nearly a month.  My characters are all on long skills.  Things have been very quiet.

So with that being the state of affairs, I let Reynaldo’s account lapse.  Should I need a Hulk pilot, I know I one that is just five days away.  Until then he will be resting in the station, waiting for his time.

And so another tale of Reynaldo Fabulous gets cut short.

12 thoughts on “Fleeting Fabulousness

  1. Hudson

    What I am wondering is this: Can you do something if you felt like it? I mean are there generated missions you could run and fights you could get into or is that simply not the case in Eve? I am more interested in the fighting aspect of it but not PVP at first.

    I haven’t played it in so long I am not sure what is going on anymore


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yes, there are missions you can run on demand for a variety of factions. You can also go hunt rats, or NPC pirates, in asteroid belts in systems. The lower the security level of the system, the tougher they are, but once you get into low security, you may find yourself in a PvP situation.


  3. p@tsh@t

    I hit the wall myself and am toying with parking my toons and the expedition until I get a second wind. I do that with Eve though– I tend to go full court press and then have to back off until the magic returns.

    Part of that is summer time and competing activities as well as the dread “WoW level cap in sight” effect….

    Somehow, Eve appeals most during the shortening days and long nights of fall and winter and wanes as long days return…


  4. WG

    I’m of a similar mind as p@tsh@t about Eve, my interest comes and goes. One thing its got going for it is a Mac client, but that’s only a small benefit, it doesn’t keep me playing WoW for instance.

    BTW, I must say that the name Reynaldo Fabulous + that character image is just about the best combination I’ve seen online.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Oh yes, Reynaldo sits, patiently waiting, in post-cataclysm Norrath, Middle-earth, and now New Eden. His time will come. Maybe in one of those places, or maybe in some other game that will let me have a last name.

    EVE is so built around your own goals versus following a pre-dictated path that it can be easy to reach a huge achievement one day and be full of the game, and then be over it and bored the next.

    For example, getting the skill to fly a Hulk on my mining alt was huge for me, weeks and weeks of skill training and earning ISK to get there. Then I had the Hulk and there were no new worlds left to conquer in that regard. There was no step up, only refinements of my current abilities to eke out another percent or two of efficiency.


  6. misc

    I did the same thing with my freighter. I worked like a madman to earn the cash, then didn’t log on for a month once I acquired it.

    It’s nice to occasionally set a long skill and walk away for a while.


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, my old articles should at least help you avoid some of my questionable decisions.

    Plus I subscribe in quarterly chunks, which just renewed in June for my main and my alt, so I may wander into New Eden now and again since I’m still paying for it!

    I’m also surprised nobody commented about the pun in, or at least the double meaning of, the title of this post.


  8. Marchosias

    darn, just when my EVE desires got me back in-game and actually do something besides training upkeep. Prices seem to have skyrocketed on some minerals. I used to average 10mil per belt run, the last couple of days I’ve got more like 30mil! That was enough to get me back in and start working seriously towards an Orca. We’ll see.


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