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I Want To Make YouTube Videos!

So says my daughter.

This is the payback for letting my daughter watch WAY TOO MUCH World of Warcraft based machinima on YouTube.

I have now been tasked by said daughter with formation of our own WoW machinima studio.

She even had a little list of videos for me to watch to learn how to do this, though I am pretty sure she did not watch them herself because they were about making machinima in Halo on your XBox 360.

Still, I found a starting point video on YouTube and one of the first things it recommends is getting an application called WoW Model Viewer.  I grabbed that and played with it for a bit.

I was able to recreate my main character, Vikund.

You are supposed to be able to import from The Armory, but it wasn’t working for me.  It probably breaks on servers with apostrophes in the name, like Eldre’Thalas, or some such.

Subject A: Human Paladin with a Pointed Stick

Subject A: Human Paladin with a Pointed Stick

Anyway, you can do all sorts of animations.

Subject A Cowering

Subject A Cowering

Subject A Flexing

Subject A Flexing

And you can load up any of the major NPCs and mess with them.

Edwin VanCleef in a gyrocopter

Edwin VanCleef in a gyrocopter

I’ll have to work with WoW Model Viewer more this weekend.

My daughter also handed me a draft script she was working on for her first movie.

Learning 2 Play WoW

This is the hunter style, firing thrown, arrows, and bullets.  This is the hunter style.

This is the druid style, healing, transforming, and casting.  This is also the priest and the shaman, but not the priest really.

This is the mage style, using fire and frost and minions.

This is the warlock style, shadow, fire, and curses.

This is the pally style, healing cast and putting spells on toons.  And the warrior is like a pally except the healing.

The rogue is like the second best toon, so thank you for watching.

While I did correct spelling errors (they don’t beat kids for spelling errors like when I was a kid, they encourage them to spell phonetically) this is otherwise entirely her script.  Still, the emphasis on writing versus spelling seems to have paid off.

I like the script for what it says about her views on the character classes.  As you might guess, she plays a hunter primarily.

I’m also impressed that she had the patience to sit down and write a script at all.  When I was 7 years old and had access to a movie camera, I wanted to start shooting film that second.  And while I got some fine footage of 1/72 scale tanks being blown to bits with firecrackers, there wasn’t a lot of character development or closure.  They were just clips of a tank with a burning fuse sticking out of them, and then BOOM!

Anyway, we shall see if this ends up going anywhere.