GAX Online to Close on 8/31

Gary Gannon, one of the founders of GAX Online, posted a notice today on the front page that the community site he helped found saying that it will be closing down at the end of August.

It is with great sadness that I deliver this announcement. On August 31, 2009 GAX Online will be closing its virtual doors. My dreams of creating a user generated/self perpetuating video game social site has proven me wrong.

I had thought that once the site had a user base and was “established” that it would sort of run itself based on quality content/blogging from the community. Unfortunately I have learned that without proper leadership a community of this nature may be impossible. Over time the sites content has slowly degraded and has become less and less valuable to anyone.

As most of you know GAX was created at a time when Ryan and I did the podcast Massively Online Gamer, and even if it was not intended this was the central “core” running GAX. Even though MOG lived at GAX I always saw the two as separate entities. That is where I was wrong. I had hoped for a site that created extremely valuable content for gamers where all of the content was created by gamers. An independent collective community that could give the “big boys” a run for their money. Although many of you created great content since it’s inception, this obviously did not transpire.

I know I had trouble finding meaning in the site for myself.

Gary does have a new blog of his own and is talking about a potential podcast.

We will have to see what develops.

But it seems that GAX will be gone for good soon.

[Of course, Gary went on to found]