Daily Archives: July 27, 2009

Closer to Mining Perfection

One of the nice… or addicting… things about EVE Online is that even if you are on something of a break from the game, you can still feel productive.  Skill training rolls on even if you just sit in the station.

Last week I mentioned that I was experimenting with armor tanking and the Gallente Dominix battleship with my alt.  This week my main has enhanced his mining support abilities.

Way back in February, as a reward for a story line mission, Wilhelm Arcturus, my primary character in EVE, received a mining foreman mindlink.  Just one thing stood in my way of using it; nearly 40 days of skill training.

But when you are not focused on immediate needs you can sit back work on those longer range goals.  And so I managed to get there finally.

Added in to the mining boosts that go with my Orca, I am close to the pinnacle of asteroid busting, at least in empire space.

With the boost and bonuses available from the Orca, Wilhelm’s skills, and my alt’s mining skills, my mining alt in his Hulk:

  • Pulls 1778 cubic meters of ore per strip miner per cycle.
  • Has a strip miner cycle time of 2 minutes and 20 seconds, down from the base time of 3 minutes.
  • Has a range of 22km on his strip miners, a boost from 15 km, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but which turns out to be very useful when clearing an asteroid field.  You can stay in place and fill cans for much longer.

So aside from the highwall implants, the best of which are running over 150 million ISK in my region for a 5% boost in yield, there isn’t much else I think I can tune.

Sure, I could always train up for the Rorqual (just 28 more days of training!) but that seems kind of silly for somebody who has never once left empire space.

And the ironic thing is, at the end of the day, this setup is too efficient for mining normal belts in empire space.  You can literally spend more time positioning yourself to harvest ore than you actually spend with the mining lasers running.

Fortunately there are a few missions out there than spawn big enough rocks to make it worth your time.  Enemies Abound is one of my favorites in that regard.

Hulk and Orca burning rocks

Hulk and Orca burning rocks

Back to combat skills I guess.  Only 60 days of training to fly a Golem!