Warhammer on the Mac

Electronic Arts/Mythic has actually come up with something that could make me come back and try out Warhammer Online.

The have announced that there is a Macintosh OS X (10.5.3 or later) version of the Warhammer Online client in the works.


Mythic Entertainment is pleased to announce that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is coming to Mac. The Mac version of WAR is schedule for release in the fall of 2009 – and players from both platforms will be able to battle and quest together on the same servers.

The beta version of the Mac client is now available to both existing WAR account holders as well as new players who would like to play the Mac trial version.

I have a habit of trying out any MMO I play on the Mac if a client is available, to see how they compare.

The shining example of a Macintosh MMO client for me is World of Warcraft.  It works like the Windows client, right down to allowing you to use the same addons, and has a few additional features, such as built-in video capture.

I have also played the EVE Online Mac client which is good, but not great.

And then there was EverQuest on the Mac.  Worst client support ever.  But I hear people still play on the Mac despite being exiled to their own server (Al’Kabor) and not having had an expansion available to them since the gods know when. (Was Legacy the last one or was it Planes of Power?)  You want Classic EverQuest?  Go play on a Mac.

So I will be interested to see how the Warhammer client plays out.  I actually wonder why they decided to support the Mac OS.  EA does not go out of its way for the Mac very often and Mythic has no history at all on the Mac that I can recall.  So color me surprised to find that there will be a Mac client at all.

I won’t be jumping on the Mac client right away.  It is in beta currently and I am not so interested in paying to help them work out their client issues.  But when it is live I will probably give it a try.

6 thoughts on “Warhammer on the Mac

  1. WG

    Being a Mac guy, Mac native applications are an advantage to me for individual games, but not an overwhelming one. Bootcamping to Windows to play a game is a pretty low hurdle. The reasons I quit playing EVE, WoW and WAR had nothing to do with client software. If Aion, Champions Online, Jumpgate Evolution, etc. are good games, lack of a Mac client won’t matter to me.


  2. Green Armadillo

    Native Mac clients are a sufficiently rare beast right now that they could be a significant selling point for the game. These days, I see more and more people getting sleek, shiny Macbooks to go with their iPods. Even though these machines have the hardware needed to run games, many of these people are not going to want to be bothered to install a Windows partition. It’s an untapped market.

    Now, whether it’s WORTH going after this market is an open question. I have no idea what needs to go on under the hood to make this viable. (Perhaps it’s easier now that Macs use Intel chips?) Apparently, Mythic thinks they can get the job done without having it take a prohibitive amount of effort. More power to em.


  3. syncaine

    Also surprising is that it’s coming so soon, Fall 2009. Whatever helps them get more people into the game, the better for everyone involved.


  4. We Fly Spitfires

    I’m happy that it’s going onto the Mac. I’d buy a Mac if all of the MMOs ran on it. Hopefully one the market will get big enough to support game development on them although ironically it’s one of those chicken-vs-egg situations.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    If you read the press release, they are slapping an emulation interface on top of the Windows client, so you may very well get the same crash to desktop on the Mac that I hear people still see on the Windows version.

    But the Mac players won’t be able to claim they have been short changed on the experience!


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