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July in Review

The Site

Our summer trip came and went without much impact to the site.  This was largely due to my writing up a couple of posts in advance and then being able to monitor and approve comments via my wife’s brand new iPhone.  The 3G reception by the pool at the Marriott Grand Residences in Lake Tahoe is excellent.  My wife was able to upload pictures directly from poolside to Facebook.  Reception from the trail around Emerald Bay was a bit spotty by comparison, but still viable at points.


That is 1.7 miles, not 17 miles, to Vikingsholm, a so-called castle.  Personally, anything with only a two car garage can hardly be called a castle in my opinion, except in the “A man’s home is his castle” context.  Even the viking reference is something of a flight of fancy.  It was designed by an architect who happened to be from Sweden, and the last time I recall the Swedes behaving viking-like was back in the time of Gustavus Adolphus.  Still it was pretty, but not really exotic enough for us to cough up $5 each for the tour.  I live up the road from the Winchester Mystery House, so I might be a tough crowd in that regard.

Quote of the trip from my daughter:

You dropped me at the kids club and then left the state?

The Marriott compound is a few minutes walk from the state line between California and Nevada, so the wife and I hit the casinos on the Nevada side for all of an hour while our daughter was occupied with activities back that the resort. We actually left with more money than we had when we entered.  Imagine that.

As for changes to the site itself, on the side bar of the site you may have noticed that I changed the feeds I display.  I removed Massively’s feed.  It wasn’t because I don’t love the team over there, because they are great, but because on a lot of days the VirginWorlds feed displays almost everything on the Massively feed at the same time, so it was looking a little redundant.

To replace Massively I put the feed from Massive Blips, which is a site that tracks MMO related blog posts, including those at Massively, so stories from there may still appear in both feeds on the side bar.

The interesting thing about Massive Blips is that you can create an account and then vote for posts.  So few people seem to use this at the moment that just myself and Gaff voting can raise the visibility of a story.  Now will turn into a more focused version of Digg or just fade away over time?

One Year Ago

The mention of Diablo III seemed to spur a revival of Diablo II with the Diablo II Battle Chest taking the #1 sales spot for a time.  Not bad for a game that had not had an expansion since 2001.

Meanwhile, on the SOE front, it was time to say farewell to the EverQuest side of the Living Legacy program.  I also griped a bit about how SOE was advertising the completely out of date EverQuest Platinum on the EQ Players site and had been doing so for a long time.  That ad disappeared before the month was out though.  Such a coincidence.

In Azeroth the instance group went back to the Slave Pens as we edged ever closer the Burning Crusade level cap of 70.  Meanwhile people were selling Wrath of the Lich King beta keys on eBay for $500.

In New Eden I was pondering the economics of building and flying a marauder and comparing the benefits of a Raven Navy Issue and the Caldari marauder, the Golem.  Our little corp was on the move again.  And some of us were taking the EVE personality test while I compared ships styles of the different factions to cars from my youth.

Warhammer Online was on the horizon.  I had pre-ordered the collectors edition, but then came the content removal, some classes and four cities.  And while Mythic posted the minimum system requirements, I was wondering what the recommended… often thought to be the true minimum for many games… might end up being.

And, finally, I was done with GameFly and damn glad to have escaped from Atlanta.

New Linking Sites

The following sites have been kind enough to link here.  Please take a moment to visit them in return.  The next Tobold may be on this list!

Also, Anakh at Big Ogre, Small World wants people to know he is back to writing again after being on hiatus for some time.

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Search Term of the Month

boobs inflation pokemon
[Ash finally hits puberty?]

EVE Online

Despite being in somewhat of an “off” time for EVE Online I have managed to find a bit to keep myself amused.  The AFK level 4 mission running Dominix experiment is about ready to roll.  The skills are done, I just have to round up the last modules, fit them, and give it a try.

World of Warcraft

The instance group has been chugging along.  Summer plans have diverted us from our primary path of hitting the five person Northrend instances on occasion, but even when we can only get four people together, we find ways to have fun.  Still, the level cap looms.  We still have to see if the group will want to move on when there is no more experience points to be earned.

On the family side of the game, my daughter seems enamored with her Blood Elf hunter and prefers to play that character now.  However, she still gets upset when I or my mother level up any of our characters past level 39, where her previous favorite character sits.

Coming Up

Some organizational changes are on the horizon at work.  Expect delays.

I will certainly have to report on whether or not I lose my Dominix in EVE Online.

I’ve got to roll up the results from the cheating poll and see how they compare with my own views.

And I am going to predict that at least one of the instance group will be level 80 before the month is out.  The level cap test will be on us soon.

When is Star Trek Online coming out?  I’ve been averting my eyes so long I’ve lost all track of the game.