First Run in the Sushi Boat

My mining alt finally skilled up to the point where he could fly the Dominix battleship I have equipped as an AFK level 4 mission runner and dubbed “Sushi Boat” due to the fact that the Domi looks… well… somewhat fishy.

I had all the modules together, detailed in my previous post about the Domi, plus a stack of Ogre heavy drones in the drone bay to provide the offensive firepower.

Now I just had to try it out.

I decided for a first run that perhaps I should go with a level 3 mission, just to see how things played out.  I went to the local level 3 agent for Amarr Navy and drew Gone Berserk, a straightforward “go blow up some hostile ships” mission.

I flew out to the mission location and set to work.  I used the 425mm rail gun I had fitted to get the attention of the bad guys.

Reach out and touch someone...

Reach out and touch someone...

Then, when the room was lit up and hostile to me, I turned on the modules and let loose the drones.

Ogre on the way!

Ogre on the way!

Then I sat back and watched how things developed.  I wanted to make sure that all the waves of bad guys went after my Dominix and not the drones and that the drones would take care of business.

It was a bit difficult to watch.  I fly Caldari ships and have been, in the past, all about shield tanking.  Now I had to sit still and watch the shields fade.

Where I usually panic

Where I usually panic

The armor repair units kept up even when all the waves were on me, never letting damage get beyond where you see it in the picture above.  I should hope that would be the case for a level 3 mission, but theory is different than seeing it actually happen.

I had loaded up a couple of tractor beams and a salvager in the high slots along with the gun, so I was able to loot while the drones did the work.

The true test came when the neighbor knocked on our door and I truly had to go AFK during the mission.

I returned to find the Dominix alone amongst the wrecks of the enemy ships, with all of the drones orbiting and still intact.

Then it was just a matter of post-mission clean up.

Reeling in the salvage

Reeling in the salvage

The trial mission was a success.

Now I have to pull a level 4 mission and see how it works out.  I still need to get a couple more levels of Gallente battleship, which boosts drone hit points and damage, as well as a couple levels of heavy drone operations before I think I am really ready.

11 thoughts on “First Run in the Sushi Boat

  1. syncaine

    For missions with waves, what’s to stop the new enemies from targeting your drones before they go after your ship? Or does the afk ship only work once all enemies have spawned and targeted you (which then rules out any mission with waves dependent on killing something first)?


  2. Marcus Hamilton

    @Syncaine pulling the targets with the rail gun first will focus the enemies attention on your ship rather than you’re drones. Backup waves usually start focused on the main ship. In the event that you’re drones to catch aggro he typical move is to pull them back into the ship for a second.

    Nice screen shots.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The tendency is for new spawns to target the ship with the biggest signature, but that isn’t anywhere close to perfect. And if you get spawns that don’t auto-aggro unless you have proximity, your drones may end up being the target.

    Though it seems that if a battleship or a battlecruiser targets your drones, they are still pretty safe, but if those pesky frigates get on em, they tend to get popped unless you pull them back.

    This is based on my own observations so far. Your mileage may vary.


  4. syncaine

    That was my view of it as well when running level 4 missions. Anytime a new wave came, it was time to pull back the drones and wait a bit. Easy enough to do when you are playing, but something that obviously does not fit into the afkship design (at least how I understood it, which is to fly in, get agro, walk away and come back with everything dead)

    Also don’t large drones take damage from cruiser-sized ships? I know frigs will kill you, but won’t cruisers also be able to land some hits?


  5. JC

    Gratz on the Domi, and I know what you mean about having a hard time adjusting to the armor tanking. I scanned out a 4/10 complex today and decided to take my Vengeance (Amarr Assault Frigate) in to it. I was fast enough that I was more or less speed tanking 8 cruisers simultaneously, and what little missile damage got through was easily repaired by my SAR II, but while I was getting into position and they actually could hit me with their guns… watching that armor drop when I’m used to sitting in the next bar up with my shields….. well, let’s just say I actually warped out in near panic the 1st time it happened, and then realized “oh wait, that’s what’s *supposed* to happen. . . . ”

    And I warped back in feeling like an idiot. Such is life, no?


  6. Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior"

    Great achievement!

    I would suggest you go for T2 sentry drones when possible, it will make things much easier as they sit next to you. So if they become under attack, you can pull them in, grab aggro, and re-launch them!

    Also, if you do go that route, carry 5 Garde II’s and 5 Warden II’s, and whatever else you want, rep bots, Hobs, etc…

    Good luck, if you have questions, feel free to ask, I flew a Domi for missions for a LONG time!


  7. DeSlisser

    Love your posts on EVE (other ones are enjoyable reads to. looking forward to an update on the WoW japanese style movie you and your daughter were planning).

    I started an alt some time back that was initally training for Raven. I then stumbled on some posts (when I was in E-UNI) on the Dominix great (solo/paired) mission capability. So to get to the piont, I am also training for Dominix on this alt and had hoped to pair it up with my main who is a Raven specialist (i.e. many skills focused on maximising the Raven’s capabilities, while saving up for a Navy Issue and continue training for a Golem).

    Idea was to pair the Raven and Domi. The raven be the one selecting targets and the Domi’s Sentries assist the Raven. Any small stuff shoot while at distance, when these are too close the Raven pops out the Hob IIs. Medium armor repair drones in the Raven to support the Domi if it gets aggro overload, while Domi would carry Medium Shield Repair drones for the same reason (sort of turtle mode).

    Willhelm/Tony, what advice would you give on

    1. pairing Raven/Dominix as to load outs getting the best DPS efficiency and mission cleaning speed (including salvage of anything above frig size wrecks). Also keeping in mind the possibility of remote repping by mods and/or drones.
    2. Best ship to be main tank.. would that be Raven with active XL shield tank or the Dominix with active LAR II (1 or 2 of em)?


  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I think that with Enemies About part I the other week, with mission rewards, loot, salvage, and mining out every single bit of Omber and Kernite, I may eventually net around 300 million ISK. It will take some time, but the market is about patience.

    Even discounting the ore sales, there was still a good 30-40 million ISK in loot, salvage, and rewards. I haul off everything I can and sell it all.

    The general mission rewards are usually between 600K and 2 million ISK for encounters. If it is a mission where the enemy ships have bounties, the payout for that will be 3-5 times the mission rewards.


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