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The Other Moment…

Server:  Eldre’Thalas

Location:  Icecrown

Date:  August 6th, 2009, 10:24pm local time

Vikund hits level 80

Vikund hits level 80

In a frenzy of questing after finding that Dalaran no longer killed my computer, I raced ahead of the instance group and became the first to hit level 80.

Skronk and Ula were there to see me hit the level cap, along with Ground Commander Koup.

As when Tistann hit the cap, there was an email encouraging me to keep fighting and a supply of potions.

Now, what to do at 80?  There are a few more instances for the group to conquer still, but then what?

It was reported that there was a game that Bung was keen to go have us all try, but he communicated that only to Ula who then forgot what it was called.  Something involving and MMO that was also a shooter that wasn’t out yet.

But he’s gone off on vacation for a bit, so we’ll have to wait to see what game he meant.

WoW Patch 3.2 – Cautiously Optimistic

Patch day is a mixed bag, often a triumph for some while a disaster for others.

And it can be all the more extreme with World of Warcraft and the requisite AddOn apocalypse that comes with every patch and their legendary slow patch download system that seemed at one point to be designed to get you to subscribe to places like FilePlanet.

Thus I generally approach patch day with low expectations, no matter how nice the changes look in the patch.

So I was a bit surprised how well the WoW 3.2 patch went for me.

When I got home Tuesday night Blizzard’s updater downloaded the patch in record time. (I hadn’t let it pre-download as I was just going to grab it from FilePlanet, then FilePlanet was having problems.)

With my Dalaran problems I had pared down my AddOns to the bare minimum, so the pain of their absence was minimal.

And so I was in Azeroth and looking around before I knew it.

Of course, some there were a pile of additions and changes to engineering, so I knew I was going to have to get into Dalaran and train that up.  I decided to bite the bullet and get it done, soonest started, soonest done and all that.

The question was just how many reboots would it take me to accomplish this task and get back out of the city.

My hearthstone was still set to Hero’s Welcome.  Silly me.  I’ve been crashing in Dalaran since March, but I haven’t changed my recall point in all that time.  Well, it is a key point in the game, even if the game craps out when I get there.

I hit the stone and watched Dalaran load slowly around me.

Then, when I could actually move, I started trotting to the engineering trainer.  I made it.

I trained the new items, checked out the “engineers only” steam powered auctioneer, then went next door to the forge to smelt down some ore I had on me.  The game was still running.

I went out, mounted up, and headed towards Krauses Landing to make my escape.  Not that it would matter.  History had shown me that once in Dalaran I was doomed to lock up, no matter how far away I flew nor how quickly I did it.

On the way to the landing, I decided to turn and pick up the extra Children’s Week quest that got tossed in with the patch, picking the Wolvar orphan to guide around Northrend.

Dalaran was packed, and usually the more crowded it is the quicker the crash comes, but I was still going.  I had crossed the city twice, with is one and a half times more than I can usually manage at peak times.

I decided to push my luck.

I picked up the daily cooking quest back at Hero’s Welcome.  I ran around to the bank to pick up supplies for it, cooked up the right items, and turned them in.  I was still there.

I picked up the daily fishing quest, which required a flight to Wintergrasp and then a return.  I did that, came back, and was still online.

I did a bit of fishing in the fountain.

After about an hour, I started to quietly think in the back of my mind that perhaps Blizzard had fixed my issue.  I tried not to think that too loud, lest I frighten whatever fixed the problem.  But I have set myself to cautiously optimistic on the situation.

The problem might be gone.

Which both made me happy and pissed me off.

It pissed me off because for the last few months I have been been convinced the problem has been at my end.  It stared when I had to get a new video card and I could never find another problem decription in the support forums that sounded like the same one I was having.

If I see other people are experiencing the same problem I am, I feel better.  I can relax.  Misery loves company.  But if I am the only one who seems to be, say, crashing in Dalaran, then I get obsessed about fixing the problem at my end.

But it made me happy because all I really want to do is play the game without having to worry about restarting every time I got within a certain radius of the main city in Northrend.

So all the other stuff in the patch is nice.  I like the cheaper, earlier mounts.  I like that the base flying mount has been sped up.  I like that there is a mailbox by the auctioneer in Darnassus.

But I really like the whole not crashing thing a lot.  I hope it lasts.  Quality of life rocks.  And I need not avert my eyes from Dalaran for fear of a crash!

Let us fly to Dalaran!

Let us fly to Dalaran!

Meanwhile my daughter, who got special dispensation to play some during the week after doing some of her summer homework, declared this the best patch ever.

She is happy that some of her characters in their 20s get mounts now, but she is especially happy about the fact that battlegrounds now grant experience.  She has been a bit of the PvP girl of late, sitting with her hunter at level 39. But in just an evening she got herself to level 40 and got to buy her epic mount.

So, all-in-all, we would have to give WoW Patch 3.2 a positive review so far.

How is it treating you?