Arceus is Coming! announced that a new Pokemon will soon be available that will occupy position 493 in the National Pokedex.  Described as an “Alpha Pokemon,” this new entry in the game is called Arceus.

Arceus is Coming!

Arceus is Coming!

Arceus will be available for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl as well as Platinum, which means it will be part of a store event at some point.  My guess is that we will see a Toys R Us event announced at some point in the future to coincide with the release of the next straight-to-DVD Pokemon movie.

And when this 12th Pokemon movie is out we’ll finally know if its name is pronounced “Are-Key-Us” or “Are-See-Us.”

[Addendum: according to the Pokemon Wiki, it is pronounced “Ar-Cee-Us…” but they don’t say if it is a hard “C” or not either… I assume not, but we’ll probably have to wait to see how Ash says it in the movie.]

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  1. HedgehogGennifer

    Yea I heard about that on the pokemon site too. I hope its wi-fi though. But going to a toys r us event would be cool considering ive missed out on a bunch XD

    Now I usually screw the pernutiations but Are-Key-Us sounds cool along with Are-Cee-Us!


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