Daily Archives: August 12, 2009

Sentry Drones are Boring

On my last post about a mission in the Sushi Boat, the ever popular Gallente battleship the Dominix, my drone armed AFK mission runner, Tony suggested that I give sentry drones a try.

I didn’t know anything about sentry drones, but I am always keen to commit myself to another round of EVE Online skill training.  I bought Sentry Drone Interfacing and trained the skill up to level 4.

Of course, EVE offered up its usual detailed and verbose explanation on the subject.

A fine lot of help that was.

So the only thing for it was to buy some sentry drones and see what they did.  I bought 10 Garde I sentry drones, pulled the Ogre I drones out of the bay, then tossed in the Gardes along with a few small and medium drones as backups.  I pulled another level 3 mission for the check ride, The Slaves must be Returned, and headed out.

The mission is a quickie.  I popped in and the red ships went aggro.  I started towards them, turning on my modules and deploying five of the sentry drones.

I figured out rather quickly that their listed speed of zero meters per second was not a typo as they slowly moved away from the Sushi Boat, floating placidly in its wake.

I quickly pulled them back in before I got out of range and thought for a second on what to do.

I didn’t want to have to go back and fish them out of space later.  So I pulled the Domi to a halt and threw the drones overboard again.  The I targeted one of the cruisers and set the drones to work.

I put the camera on one of them, just to see them in action close up.  The drone rotated towards the target, then nothing happened.  I checked to make sure the target was in range.  It looked good.

I noticed that the target was taking damage.  That seemed to be a good sign.  But the drones themselves just didn’t… you know… go PEW PEW or anything.

They sit.  They turn.  The target takes damage.  But I didn’t get any light show.

They might be shooting... maybe...

They might be shooting... maybe...

So much for dramatic screenshot potential.

The sentry drones also had trouble with the frigates, which closed to about 8km and then pelted us with rocks and garbage.  After watching a lot of nothing going on… nothing but the Sushi Boat taking tiny hits… I pulled in two of the sentry drones and sent out a pair of scout drones to clean up the frigates.

So my sentry drone test was mostly successful.  I will have to figure out how to effectively deploy these guys.  I am sure there are some surprises you can pull off with a drone that stays put.

But I want some fireworks out of them when they shoot.  Are they all like that or did I just get some lemons?