Daily Archives: August 14, 2009

A Mount of a Different Color

I am generally not one for faction grinds in WoW or any other game.

Once in a while though I can combine something else with such a grind to make it tolerable.  Getting to exalted with the Kalu’ak for example gave me decent experience running their daily quests and I really wanted that fishing pole.

So when Ula decided over the past weekend to take on the tailor role in our little guild, I jumped in to help gather netherweave cloth for the effort.  I already knew where I could get some.

I had been working, very slowly on faction with the Kurenai in Nagrand.  By killing ogres in Nagrand you get a small boost to Kurenai faction, plus you have a chance to get warbead drops which can been handed over in stacks of 10 for 500 faction with the Kurenai.

I was already at revered with the Kurenai, but I was having a problem motivating myself for that 21K faction point climb to get to exalted.

But as a side benefit from killing the ogres, you end up with a lot of netherweave cloth.  So there was the hook and away I went.

By the time Ula was done with netherweave I was past the 16K faction mark and I had a pile of warbeads on me, so I went to turn them in.

The main benefit from Kurenai faction for me was the ability to purchase talbuk mounts from them.  So I picked out a nice cobalt blue riding talbuk.

Talbuk in the Snow

Talbuk in the Snow

I showed this new mount to my daughter.  She liked it.  It is a bit different.  But then she wanted to know when I was going to get a dragon mount to fly around on.  That is another faction grind.

I actually bought a couple of the talbuk mounts, which got me another achievement.

Stable Keeper is the achievement for having 10 mounts.  At 50 mounts you get the achievement Leading the Cavalry which also comes with an Albino Drake as a reward.  I will have to go study the Warcraft Mounts web site to see what it would take me to get there.

Of course, as a paladin and an engineer, Vikund gets a pretty easy four mount boost.  Still, 40 mounts to go.  I’d probably best start with faction from the original alliance factions first.  If I can stand the grind.