Return to Pokemon Gold and Silver announced last week that the next installments in the Pokemon series would return to the Johto region last visited in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal back in the days of the original GameBoy and the GameBoy Color.

The new games will be called Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver and will bring all the advances found in the recent Pokemon games to a long absent region.


As with the original Pokemon Gold and Silver, players will start off with one of three Pokemon, Chikorita, Totodile, or Cyndquil, representing leaf, water, and fire types.

The game is slated for Spring 2010.  Pokemon games usually release in Japan first, so I am sure we will hear a lot about these two titles before they arrive in other markets.

8 thoughts on “Return to Pokemon Gold and Silver

  1. Keen

    I’m really looking forward to this. Graev and I are Pokemon fans and always have fun pairing up the versions. I’m anxious to play Totodile this time, since I went Chikorita my first time playing through Gold.


  2. Max

    I gave up on these games shortly after playing the original Gold and Silver and still maintain that the first 150 monsters were the best. How many creatures are they up to now, 5,000? They’ve strayed too far from the original designs for my taste. It seems like now they just try to make them look as alien as possible.

    Although, I would consider giving the series another look if Nintendo decided to take it into the mmo realm, or if they released one of the full games for their home console; none of that Stadium junk.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I am looking forward to this as well. My daughter and I had a really good time with Diamond, but Platinum fell somewhat flat. I think that was because Platinum wasn’t much of a change from Diamond, so a lot of it felt like we’d been there, done that.

    I hope that going to a new region with a new story will change things up enough to re-kindle Pokemon fun at our house.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    All of the standard Pokemon games I have played (Emerald, RubyRed, Diamond, and Platinum) all stand alone nicely enough. You don’t need to have played the past games, you won’t feel that you have missed anything.

    Each of the generations advances the state of the art of the games, so it can be a bit tough going backwards. I played Diamond and then went and played a couple of the GameBoy Advanced versions.

    Overall, Platinum is probably the way to go. The updated WiFi stuff, including the Global Trading Center (trade Pokemon with people around the world in Nintendo’s Pokemon Auction House) are worth making that your choice.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Also, there is no price break in buying an older Pokemon game. Nintendo keeps a tight leash on prices, so even the old GameBoy Advanced Pokemon games are still selling for list price unless you find a used copy.


  6. Giovanni

    Although I have been quite impressed with the last three additions to the series, I will not be buying this game. Having played every game in the series well over three times each, I must say the only ones enjoyable to me were Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.
    “Out with the old and in with the new” as the saying goes…


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