A Nesingwary Sunday

I was finally able to get my daughter away from her alts and back to her alleged main character on Sunday.

Too many alts.

She is truly my daughter in that regard, and then some.  She is coming close to the 50 total characters limit that World of Warcraft imposes on accounts.  I am waiting to hear the wail from the family room that announces that she cannot make another character.

But I managed to get her away from her many Blood Elf alts by basically telling her she couldn’t play unless she got out her level 40 night elf hunter to play with dad and grandma.

Threats worked.  Finally the three of us were back together, all mounted up on our epic cat mounts and ready to take on Stranglethorn Vale.

On the train in STV

On the trail in the 'vale

Our goal was to finish up the Hemet Nesingwary quest line including the terminal quest, Big Game Hunter.

Fortunately, we had worked on the Nesingwary hunting quest line previously, so we only had to finish up Raptor Mastery before going off to hunt King Bangalash.  With the three of us it was a reasonable fight.  One of the pets ended up with low health, but otherwise there was little drama.

We will have to go back to King Bangalash in a few levels as my daughter wants to capture him as a pet.  But she has a long list of animals she wants as pets, so we’ll see.

Once back at Nesingwary’s camp we turned in the quest.

Another achievement.

Then we spent some time working on faction with Booty Bay.  Somehow my daughter ended up hated by Booty Bay which means she cannot do any of the quests there.  So off we went to grind some Bloodsail Buccaneers.

Then, later that very night, I was out in Sholazar Basin with Vikund rolling up some leftover quests in hopes of getting closer to that distant Loremaster achievement when I hit another one.

This is the other end of the Stranglethorn Vale quests, the culmination of a vast slaughter of animals in the game, Hemet Nesingwary: The Collected Quests achievement.

Still a long way to go for the Loremaster, but I am done with the Nesingwary clan… at least until the next expansion.

3 thoughts on “A Nesingwary Sunday

  1. Dorgol

    Hated with Booty Bay? At level 40? She would have had to slaughter the friendly pirates in Arathi.

    Was she trying to get the Bloodsail Admiral title, maybe?


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I don’t think she was going for the Bloodsail Admiral title, not on purpose anyway. But she had been doing quite a bit of Arathi Basin. Is there something she could be doing in there that might muck her up?


  3. Green Armadillo

    Your daughter seems to be pretty good at finding loopholes here and there. ;)

    AFAIK, the only way to get in the hole with BB as a hunter is to kill BB NPC’s (which requires that you first elect to be at war with them). As a healer, you can take a faction hit if you buff or heal someone without noticing that they’re busy slaughtering the guards, even without going to war, but I don’t think Hunters have any such options.

    The thing Dorgol is referring to is in the zone of Arathi Highlands, not the battleground. There are a handful of NPC’s who are in their 40’s and therefore could conceivably be killed by a level 40 hunter who didn’t know any better. The only alternative that I can think of would be that she accepted a group invite from someone slaughtering the town for Bloodsail rep.


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