Wii Bowling Ball Back in the News

You remember this guy from CTA Digital.  I mentioned it back in June.

I'm a distaster to be, just a disaster to be...

I'm a disaster to be, just a disaster to be...

It is back in the news.

Sort of.

It hasn’t become the wrecking ball of terror yet.

And you have to consider Yahoo blogs news.

You see, somebody over at Yahoo blogs wrote a post about this darling a little while after I did which came to about the same conclusions.  After all, given the flying Wii Remotes of destruction, what other conclusion could you come to?  This looked like the console control of the apocalypse.  Especially when CTA Digital felt the need to festoon the web page about the Wii Bowling Ball with warnings like:


When the manufacturer feels that their opening statement has to include “don’t sue us,” you know there is some doubt.

Well, somebody at CTA Digital no doubt noticed the editorial slant that was beginning to surround their product.

They cleaned up all the dire warnings from the product page on their web site.  I am going to guess that it all remains in the actual product documentation.  I would download the .pdf of the documentation and verify that, except that the link for the .pdf is wrong on the site.  Whoops.  An accident I am sure.

And CTA Digital apparently went back to Yahoo to ask for another chance.  And they got it.

Yahoo went and used the device and put up a new post about it.

And while there was an obvious attempt at a positive spin, the praise was pretty close to faint.  Yahoo agreed that perhaps this was not the peripheral of doom, unless you are an idiot, but they did list out why it was still a hazard, summarizing with:

…we’re convinced CTA Digital has made this controller adapter as safe as it can be, but it’s still significantly more dangerous than bowling with just the Wiimote.

It’s inherently more dangerous than the standard Wii controller simply due to its weight and size.

They suggested you call upon your friendly neighborhood Physicist to back up their claims about momentum.  I’m thinking any high school science teacher could correct their claim (it is mass, not weight, and there is more to the equation than just mass), but if you feel the need to hit up somebody who works in the domain of Einstein to get solid verification, don’t let me stop you.

And while they recommended the peripheral (if you think it’s a cool idea) they had to tack on:

Just don’t blame us — or CTA Digital — if you throw it through your TV.

Another big win for CTA Digital.

I am still waiting for something about their Skateboard attachment for the Wii Fit balance board.  What would a physicist have to say about it?

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