Saturday Night Shuffle

We didn’t really have a plan for Saturday night.  Bung was out again and none of us seemed to have anything on our “to do” list except try to pick up a little more gold for various reasons.

Our team for the night was:

Ula – 79 Mage
Skronk – 80 Priest
Earlthecat – 80 Warrior
Vikund – 80 Paladin

Skronk had picked up 80 earlier and Ula was closing in, so we decided to run around a do some daily quests and whatever happened to pop up.

My own first task was to finish off one of the cooking achievements.

I am now literally one recipe away from getting the achievement and the title Hail to the Chef achievement, which also gives you the title “Chef.”  I just need to finish off The Outland Gourmet, and the only thing holding me back on that is one recipe, Stormchops.  It only drops as part of one of the cooking daily quests, and so far it has eluded me.

Then it was noticed that Wintergrasp was starting in just a few minutes.  It is inevitably an hour or more away whenever I think to check on it.  Skronk and I queued up and jumped in for our first ever experience in that battleground.

The Alliance lost.  We certainly weren’t helping much, not knowing what was going on in the first place really.  I did get to roll around as a gunner in a siege engine for a bit, and blew up quite a bit of stuff that fell within range.

Shooting things, I understand that part

Shooting things, I understand that part

We managed to complete a few of the quests that were offered up in the zone along the way, including the destruction of three Horde siege engines.  I had to finish off that last one on foot.  I hadn’t yet discovered the anti-tank weapons in the battleground, so I did it in with a constant stream of pally attacks.

We then joined up with Ula who had picked up level 80 in the mean time, and ran some daily quests in Icecrown where we got to experience the new, multiple Ula effect.

Gnomes! Gnomes everywhere!

Gnomes! Gnomes everywhere!

That only leaves Bung to pick up level 80.

In turning in daily quests I hit another achievement along with the meta achievement for being exalted with both the Argent Dawn and the Argent Crusade.

Meanwhile Earl was out grinding some other daily quests and mining to save up for the Jeeves repair bot, another engineering marvel.  He actually saved up enough to make it last night.  Of course, now he is broke again.  More daily quests!

And then we wrapped up the night around the Argent Tournament.  Earl and Skronk were just starting off while Vikund, already an exalted champion of Stormwind, is looking to add Gnomergen to his achievements so he can ride around on a mechanostrider.

And that was about it.  A light round for the instance group.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Night Shuffle

  1. Morane

    /grats on the achievements.

    Personal opinion is that the anti-tank weapons in Wintergrasp are a waste. The cast time is so long that by the time the stupid thing has gone off the vehicle has either moved out of range or some alert enemy is bashing your skull in.


  2. Gadfly

    How is running dailies any worse than grinding the same 5-man or raid instance or BG over and over? Have you actually run any in the last two years?


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Technically, I did not talk about any daily quests specifically, I only mentioned that we did some.

    They are just quests, and like quests in MMOs, some are fun and interesting and some are not. Most of the time they are a not-unreasonable vehicle for achieving some goal that I might otherwise pass on.

    For example, if I had to grind level 80 dungeons for Argent Crusade faction, I would never have hit exalted. But the daily quest Troll Patrol I found fun, mostly because there is a timer on it and a bonus reward for finishing it before the timer ran out. So I ran that a lot and racked up faction and quite a bit of gold.

    Now that I am exalted and have run the quest a couple dozen times, I’ll move on to something else.

    There is an EVE-like factor to that. If I have a bigger goal, I am willing to focus. Once that goal has been achieved, I tend to move to something else.


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