I Think We Need a Futile Gesture

I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.

Eric “Otter” Stratton, Animal House

It has been pointed out that the company which makes Evony has been behaving… badly I guess would be the right term… with their game and ads and spam comments. They have even been declared an aspirant to the title “Most Hated Game on the Net” by The Guardian,

Evony LLC is, I gather, somewhat unhappy about these responses to its game and ad campaign, especially those from Bruce Everiss.

Evony LLC is now positioning themselves as a small company defending itself from abuse and have done what any such small company would do, tried to contact Bruce Everiss and show that he is being unfair in his characterizations of the game and the practices surrounding it.  You know, an outreach sort of thing, because that is what these games are about: Community.

Oh, wait, no they didn’t.

No, they lawyered up first thing and had their attorneys start sending notes threatening legal action on the opposite site of the globe from Mr. Everiss.  Because that is what small US based companies which believe in the justness of their cause do, they hire lawyers in Australia to sue somebody in England.


And what can people like you and I do about this sort of thing?

Frankly, nothing.

Nothing except mock the people at Evony for being such transparently bad sports, to put the situation mildly.

I applaud the team at PopCap who have taken to making parodies of the ever-present Evony ads to advertise their own game, Plants vs. Zombies.

But PopCap is somewhat constrained in what it can do, being a business and interested in selling its game rather than scolding a mis-behaving company.  We can do better.

I want to come up with some really hilarious versions of the Evony ads.  Something like a Last Tango in Paris version:

Your Butter awaits, my Lord!

What can we come up with?  And who wants to do some artwork?  You can treat this as a meme if you like, or a challenge.

Should we make this a contest?

And who has some good ideas for parody ads?

6 thoughts on “I Think We Need a Futile Gesture

  1. mbp

    The sad thing about this is that there is a real game behind those dreadful ads and judging by the activity on their forums plenty of players seem to be enjoying the game. It is just a pity that they completed lost the plot on the marketing campaign. I can’t help feeling there is some cultural misunderstanding going on if they thought that was an appropriate way to market their game.


  2. Selina

    @ mbp – If you read much of their forums, its people trying to figure out how to play the game. Running into a problem here or there. Or wondering why this or that isn’t working right.

    Thing is, having been bombarded by all the adverts, I won’t deny I’d finally given in and checked the game out for myself. I didn’t dive too deeply into it at all as I had immediantly begun to see many of the things that Bruce Everiss pointed out about the game, to include my AV warning me of malware. That’s when I did my own digging and went through a lot of their forum posts.

    The game really is no more than a front for sucking as much money as possible out of you.


  3. James

    Bah i knew they’d include Australia in a stupid law-suit against the “internetz”

    We have a backward Government in charge which doesn’t have a rating over “MA15+” so anything that would be above that rating is banned(for videogames only)

    They also decided to declare war on the internet by censoring it massively, removing anything they deem as “innappopriate”, note that doesn’t mean illegal, whilst i doubt we will see them banning the liberal opposition sites or anything like that, the talk of secret blacklists etc makes me somewhat nervous http://nocleanfeed.com/

    And still we have more examples of a complete misunderstanding of the internet as you will see here: http://www.zgeek.com/index.php?page=legal

    Basically an Australian owned site is being sued for comments others made on their forums despite removing said comments when requested….i think this is why evony chose to use Australian law in this case.


  4. James

    Sorry for the political content of my message, i dislike the current Goverment and i’ve been particularly vocal due to the lack of reports in the media which basically class it as “computer crap” and not worth caring about, but i figured this did add to the topic if derailing it slightly.


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