Called Out in the Trial of the Champion

Saturday night on Labor Day weekend found us again short a gnome as Bung ran off to the wilds of Northern Sierra-Nevada mountains, where we hope he was safe from fire.  So the group was:

80 Priest – Skronk
80 Mage – Ula
80 Warrior – Earlthecat
80 Paladin – Vikund

We decided that the Oculus was probably off the agenda.

Instead we thought we might scout out the Trial of the Champion.

The Trial is a five person instance up at the Argent Tournament that involves a combination of jousting that makes up the tournament and old fashioned “kill the boss” fighting.

The first thing we had to do for this was to get Ula up to speed on the Argent Tournament.

Earl, Skronk, and Vikund had all, to different degrees, explored the tournament and figured out the whole mounted combat paradigm Blizzard has set out.

Ula, however, had not touched the tournament up to that point.  So we got her out there on the training horse and helped her through the first starter quest to give her a feel for things.

Gnome Mounted

Gnome Mounted

After our very quick intro course, we headed into the instance to give it a try.

Mounting up in the instance

Mounting up in the instance

The instance actually provides mounts.  There is an ample supply of mounts around the arena.  Earl was the first to note that there was no “heal” feedbag button on our instance mounts.  If you get dismounted, or if your mount is low on health, you can grab a fresh mount.

Mounted up, we spoke to the guy in the center of the ring to set off the event.

This takes a while as three sets of horde riders, one boss and three minions have to parade into the ring.  Eventually they settle down the combat begins.

The minions were manageable.  They came at us in groups of three and we took them down readily enough.

Then it was the three bosses, and things got interesting.

We held our own for the most part, though things were rather chaotic.

Skronk got dismounted and killed, but found that he could just run back to the instance from the graveyard, mount back up, and rejoin the combat.  That seemed almost unfair, until we brought down the first boss.

The big orc was face down on the floor and we all went after the other two.  Then we noticed he was upright again and walking towards the edge of the ring.  He walked right to another mount, got on, and rejoined the battle.

Turnabout is fair play I guess.

That confused us for a bit, but eventually we delegated somebody to pound on the dismounted riders every time the stood up to keep them from coming at us again.  Doing that allowed the four of use to finally bring down all three mounted bosses.

At which point the instance turns into a more traditional battle.  Our mounts disappeared and the bosses all stood up and clobbered us.  We were there swapping our lances out for our regular weapons and trying to figure out who to go after while the bosses were making chutney out of us.

We were all dead in short order.

Fortunately, you do not have to replay the whole start of the instance.  Once you are done with the mounted combat, you can focus on your regularly scheduled character class.

Eyeing our dismounted foes

Eying our dismounted foes

So we were able to go back in, organize ourselves, get everything lined up, and get ourselves slaughtered again.

For the four of us, these through bosses were quite a challenge.  After a few tries we decided that victory was not going to be ours without our warlock.

We ended up just running some more quests in Icecrown, getting ourselves lined up to knock off a pile of group quests.  We did not, however, make it to those quests.  Like the Oculus, they will have to wait for another Saturday night.

8 thoughts on “Called Out in the Trial of the Champion

  1. smakendahed

    A commonly used trick is to exit the instance once the bosses are dismounted. They then reset and appear at the big gates, dismounted, which makes pulling and tanking them easier.

    I expect this will be fixed at a later date.

    Personally, I can and have simply grabbed up the bosses and tanked them without exiting the instance but most people are more comfortable with exiting/re-entering.

    Only tip I’ll give you is that each of the bosses is a certain class and they’re always that class. Prioritize taking them down in an order and the fight is easier.

    It’s no cake walk when new to 80 and when missing someone.

    Rewards are worth it – 5-6 epics will drop per go at the instance, even on regular mode.

    Good luck next time!


  2. Greg

    A small tip for the next time you try ToC. When you all get dismounted, instead of immediately trying to fight the bosses while switching out weapons and so on, everyone runs out of the instance.

    Once you’re all out, run back in and the bosses will be quietly sitting in a line waiting for you to start the fight as if you’d wiped, but without the actual wiping. Saves a lot of hassle.

    This is the standard tactic for doing this fight on my server and probably most others as aggro can be a bit wonky when the bosses dismount, so much so that Blizzard are having to fix it in the next patch (3.2.2).


  3. Yeshua

    Try this out: whenever you finish the jousting phase and you dismount, have everyone run out of the instance and then back in so you can change weapons, buff, and organize the kill order. Works like a peach :)


  4. DEG

    I dislike ToC regular. I hate ToC heroic. Yes, the ToC pinata drops some tasty candy (purple *is* everyone’s favorite flavor, n’est-ce pas?) but the whole bit at the beginning seems ridiculous and a huge waste of time to me.

    I heard that sending one person in to dispense with the introductions helps, as supposedly they will only introduce whomever is actually inside the instance. We only tried this once (we have some meglomaniacs in our guild; they will not pass up an opportunity to hear their names spoken) and if I remember correctly, it worked. (I tend to ignore NPC chat.)

    It seems to me that they threw on the whole mounted combat thing at the beginning just so they could make it part of the “tournament”. I mean – what’s the point? We have never, ever been able to kill them, (even with an enhancement spacegoat shaman that regularly does 3500+ dps and a fabulous tank) it’s always just a run back after they kill US, and then the real fun begins. Just a waste of time. Meh.

    It’s dumb. But I’ll do it for the candy.


  5. Jemre

    Indeed, normal ToC is on par with some heroics. a few tips, as a tank:

    there’s 5 or so of those mounted bosses possible, you’ll get three – and each one is a different class, you can tell from how their armor looks /what they do what class it is.

    the second boss is one of two possibles – one is incredibly easy, the other is incredibly annoying. so depending on luck with boss spawns, your instance can be easy or nasty :(

    as for the third boss…’s not over till you can loot him :p


  6. Thecho

    “After our very quick intro course, we headed into the instance to give it a try.”
    I read intro course like intercourse… My mind sucks..


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