That Chef’s Hat – Not Just For Show

I went to cook up some food I had in the bank and noticed that I was cooking at what seemed amazing speed.  The usual languid progress bar was zipping along with almost indecent haste.

Well, there was a patch yesterday, so I checked the release notes to see if they had “dumbed down” cooking or anything.

But no, while Onyxia is now back as a level 80 raid (with 10 and 25 person versions), cooking was left untouched.

Then I happened to mouse over my chef’s hat, which I was still wearing from yesterday’s screen shot, and I noticed that it had an effect when worn.

It does indeed allow you to cook faster.  Very fast indeed.  Nice to see that a fluff item has even a minor benefit.

7 thoughts on “That Chef’s Hat – Not Just For Show

  1. Jacob

    The chefs in my guild love their hat.

    I’m not sure if I’m buying it myself – I already have trouble keeping track of hats in my bag. (Fishing hat, drinking hat, they start to add up.)


  2. smakendahed

    I’m working my way back up to get this. I’ve got all the recipes available and I’ve burned several cooking awards for spices, but now I’m on a mission.


  3. oakstout

    It should also let you make camp fires faster, but it only works on actual cooking, which is a bummer. I have actually tanked the final boss in Heroic Old Kingdom with my chef hat on, by mistake of course, but it still ruled. Course, I didn’t get an achievement for it, which is the real bummer.


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