Podcast Bingo – VanHemlock Win

Over at VirginWorlds we have a 5 in a row winner with the VanHemlock Podcast


Unfortunately, the VanHemlock Podcast is so common on the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective that even five in a row does not pay out very much.

The Current Payout Table for five in a row:

  • VanHemlock  2 to 1
  • No Prisoners, No Mercy 4 to 1
  • Shut Up, We’re Talking 10 to 1
  • Through the Aftermath 12 to 1
  • The Combobulator Podcast 15 to 1
  • Limited Edition 15 to 1
  • Spouse Aggro 20 to 1
  • Warp Drive Active 30 to 1
  • Brent’s Other Podcast 50 to 1
  • VirginWorld’s Podcast 100 to 1
  • Witty Ranter 1000 to 1

No news on the rumor that it will soon be called the “VanHemlock Podcast Collective.”

14 thoughts on “Podcast Bingo – VanHemlock Win

  1. heartless_


    I have a VanHemlock podcast that is stuck on my MP3 player (Sansa e250). Along with the Imperial March theme song from Star Wars, they are the two MP3s that I can not remove from the player. They don’t show as a file (or as a hidden file), but will randomly play when Shuffle/Repeat is turned on.

    Its funny to have see my wife listening to a nature sounds track with the baby and all of a sudden it shuffles to Van Hemlock Podcast #9 (or 39, cant remember).


  2. Jon Shute

    Sometimes I really wish other people would podcast more. We’re probably meant to be podfading by now, not making too many shows.

    @heartless_ I coded that. It’s all part of the trying to expand the listener base into the next generation.

    @andrew How about if we split the show into two feeds. One for the news and one for the us chatting bit? It’s two shows or one 2 hour show I’m afraid, we have too much to say…


  3. Julie Whitefeather

    It takes a while to edit a podcast, especially when the guests are over seas callers like Richard Bartle (one of our next guests). Sadly the time it takes to edit a podcast is complicated by those of us who have a life outside podcasting.

    On the other hand I am happy the gents over at the Van Hemlock podcast are so committed to their show, and even happier that the owner of the site is posting the shows.

    Amidst all the clamor of excitement and good-natured (we hope) fun, it leaves a few questions that have gone begging:

    Where is the ancient gaming noob podcast?

    Where is the heartless gamer podcast?


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @JW –

    The comment was on the amazing productivity and regularity of the Van Hemlock podcast, with a slight poke at Brent for podfading about when I suggested he would a couple years back (and Adam for doing the “New Daddy” podfade). It was not a suggestion that everybody else needs to work harder.

    “Where is the ancient gaming noob podcast?”

    I appear on about one third of the “Shut Up, We’re Talking” and “Witty Ranter” podcasts, so I think I am sufficiently represented in that regard.


  5. Julie Whitefeather

    Don’t poke Brent to hard. Considering all that he has been through I am surprised he even bothers to maintain Virgin Worlds. What is more, I am happy to read that it was all good natured.



  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @JW –

    “I am happy to read that it was all good natured.”

    I guess the Humor tag on the post was too subtle, what with Bingo so often used as a metaphor to attack people.

    “And as a side note…appearing on a podcast is a far cry from the effort it takes to produce one.”

    Thank you for clarifying that.


  7. Morph

    Yes they’re very consistent. And with The Instance easily the most enjoyable MMO podcast ! Oh yeah I really like Shut Up we’re talking as well ;).


  8. Andrew

    The problem with that is that I adore both segments. ;) You guys just got extremely prolific recently – when I started listening you were closer to the hour mark.


  9. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Shawn – I was going to mock your potential, but I see today that you have four tiles on the bingo board, so I am going to call the odds at 5 to 1 against for a VanHemlock-like lineup.

    Meanwhile Tim and Jon are maintaining their domination of the board, it becoming a veritable field of blue, so I am going to change the odds to even money that we see another VH five in a row in the next three weeks.


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